Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Moment to Vent

I don't usually need to vent in this manner, but today I just need to get this off my chest.  I am incredibly tired of people asking me why my children are ALWAYS sick.  Newsflash, they are not ALWAYS sick.  I do have three children who tend to catch whatever one of the other children has and they tend to be sick one right after another, so whatever sickness it is drags out until it has gone through all three kids.  They are not all sick during that entire time.  We also get exposure from 3 different schools with lots of kids, who also carry little germs.

My Isaac has had a rough go this past month.  A virus with two different bacterial secondary infections took the wind out of him.  I promise you that I keep a fairly clean house.  I feed my children healthy food (and they get some junk food every now and then too).  They play outside and exercise.  There is nothing wrong with my home that would cause my children to ALWAYS be sick.

Hannah had her go with bacterial infections until we had her tonsils and adenoids removed.  Since then, she has only had illnesses that the other kids around her are having too.  Nothing weird about that.

Eli has had numerous ear infections.  He has had tubes twice which have helped tremendously both times.  Once the tubes are in, he too only has problems with what happens to be going around.  I just found out one of his tubes has come out.  Don't be surprised if he gets ear infections again.  He may not have grown enough yet for his little ears to drain like they should.  MANY children have this same problem.  NOTHING weird about that either.

I know there are kids that never seem to get sick.  Hooray for them!  They just don't happen to be my kids.  So while some may feel the need to look for blame or just "helpfully" ask me why my children are such sicklings, I really wish they would just keep it to themselves.

The End

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