Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Thinking of War

This morning at breakfast, Hannah and Isaac were asking me a lot of questions about Veterans.  They were excited for the Veteran's Day assembly at school this morning.  As we spoke of the people in our family who had served our country in the military, war came up.  Isaac asked me, "Mom, what is war?"  It seems I've been getting a lot of this types of "wish I had more time to answer this right now" questions.  Anyway, I told him a little bit about war.  He seemed concerned and asked, "Do people die?"  I answered "Yes Isaac, they do."  He looked at me, and began to weep.  Not cry.  Not shed a tear.  He wept.  I saw the heart of my 6 year old son as clearly as I have ever seen it... my sweet boy, with such a deep love and compassion for other people.  I've seen this heart before, but it has always been for young children, for babies.  He seems to have an innate knowledge that babies are helpless, and must be cared for.  He longs to help those who are helpless.  I wonder what my son will grow to do with his life, how his heart will lead his life.  I have a feeling he will be with people, with the helpless and perhaps the hopeless.

After a few minutes of helping him regain composure before leaving to get on the bus for school, he was set to go, but not as perky as normal.  Part of me wishes that this conversation had been a few years down the road.  A part of him has lost the innocence of thinking that people around the world just love each other.  I know more questions will come out of this revelation that war is part of our world and what war is.

One thing I know is that God gave me the gift of being the one to tell my son about such things, even in the simplest of forms.  I was there in his moment of intense grief and could be there to comfort him.  I was also there to see more of his heart revealed.  I pray for more moment like these, however hard they might be.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back At It

Our fall routine is just about into full swing.  Preschool orientation was this morning so we all had to be out the door just before 8am.  We had time to spare... I feel like a veteran!  The kids all had a hot breakfast, teeth brushed, a few chores done, lunches packed and shoes on in plenty of time.  It was a good feeling!

Eli was beyond excited to see what preschool was going to be like.  Mimi and Papa were going to bring him to orientation since I was otherwise involved.  He was a little shy, but liked having all the kids around.  Once the routine of the classroom gets established I think he is going to thrive!  He is very excited to the a big kid going to preschool.  Mimi made the mistake of asking him if he was excited to go to school.  He said "No.  I'm excited to go to PRESCHOOL."  Silly Mimi.

I am feeling really good about this upcoming year.  I love that Eli will be with me all day.  My classroom looks great.  I extended it out a bit, so it is larger than previous years.  That makes a HUGE difference.  I just love it.  The new set up went over well with the kids and parents too.

Aaron has been going to school everyday this week, getting his classroom ready.  Kids start on Tuesday.  So summer is really over.  I've enjoyed it, but I really do love the fall.  Most of our days now are in the 70's, the nights get really cool, it just feels good.  And I love the routine.  I think that is why I'm good at preschool... it is a lot of routine, and I like that.  I do enjoy me break from routine, but I'm usually glad to get back at it.

We are content.  School for Hannah and Isaac is great.  They love it and I love that they love it.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation 2012

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Greatest Kids Ever

Lots of love in our house!

Eli fell asleep in his chair... he has now decided the
chair is the only place to nap.

Isaac at his school musical.  He did great!

Monster trucks saving the world from the dinosaur invasion.

Early morning reading.  I love moments like these!
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It's really been quite a long time since I sat down to write anything here.  Honestly, I couldn't think of anything to write.  It's not that nothing is happening, it's just that when I sat down to write, I didn't really feel like it.  Nothing really came to mind.

Anyway, life is good.  The kids are healthy and growing.  They are learning and loving it.  Aaron and I are both near the end of the school year... it came quickly.  Summer is around the corner and we are very excited.  We have some possibilities of change coming up... just possibilities right now.  We will see what plans God has for us.

Really we are just plugging right along.  The big news is that Eli 100% fully day time potty trained!!!  He can even go into the bathroom all by himself and take care of business.  Aim is an issue, but he's a boy.  Most mornings he wakes us dry, but I'm not ready to go for nighttime potty training yet.  I'm very pleased with daytime success!!!

We are looking forward to a fun summer with lots of fishing, some camping, time in Minnesota, meeting cousins we haven't met yet, enjoying the harvest from our blueberry bushes, watching to see what our grapevines will do and maybe a little boating with my parents.

Hannah and Isaac start swimming lessons in just a few weeks.  They are everyday for 2 straight weeks, and this instructor doesn't mess around.  I'm looking forward to seeing the results.  It's going to be a crazy two weeks... but we'll make it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs!

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