Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eli's 2 Year Stats

I'm a bit late in posting this, but here is the info on our youngest son!
2 years old
28 pounds
34 inches
Busy, healthy, wonderful little boy

I was comparing to the other two, at least height wise, at 2 years old and Hannah was a tiny bit shorter with Isaac being a tiny bit taller.  Not a whole lot of difference. 

Eli loves to have books read to him, climb, laugh, wrestle, put coins in his tootsie roll bank (he can do this activity for over an hour), paint, listen to music (he calls music zugurt), dance, snuggle with Mommy, bake, play in eater, play with his brother and sister and just about anything else active!  He can count to 12, knows most of his colors, and like the ABC's (I'm not sure about him identifying any yet).  He keeps us busy and on our toes!  He is a delight and life is wonderful with our third baby!