Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun Times

As I write, the kids are in the background with a friend playing a game called "Lucky Ducks." It quacks over and over, but the kids really like it. Both Isaac and Hannah are enjoying having Hannah's friend Trae over to play. Hannah is doing a great job of sharing Trae with Isaac!

Aaron is gone to Olympia for the week, so I'm on my own. So far, things have gone quite smoothly with no major problems. Hannah was missing Daddy a lot last night before bed time. Aaron usually does the bedtime routine with them, so it makes sense that is when she would miss him most. She called him on the phone and they chatted a little bit and that seemed to help. She fell asleep promptly after going to bed. She was out before 7pm and I had to wake her at 7am. She's been tired.

Isaac on the other hand has been waking up about 5:30 each morning. This also means that I am up at the same time. He has also been quite tired and not napping to terribly well. He should fall asleep quickly tonight. Here's hoping!

The baby is quite the mover, doing all kinds of crazy things! I have been able to drink water for the past few days. I find this quite refreshing. I'm hoping this new ability continues! I've also been able to take 2 prenatal vitamins in the past 4 days. This is also a huge step! I'm hoping to see my energy levels increase as I try to get more vitamins in my system.

The weather has finally turned cooler and I am really excited to enjoy the fall. I love the fall weather and all the colors and learning opportunities it brings for the kids! I'll post pictures when I have them!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Two teeth lost!

Hannah and her two missing bottom front teeth!
She lost the second one this morning!
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Yesterday was an interesting day. We went to early church, which means we left for Pullman at 7:10am. Ugh. It was nice to get home by noon, but... By the time we got home, I had already had a few contractions. I think they were Braxton Hicks, but I can't be sure. By evening, I had endured about a dozen more. They were irregular and didn't really hurt, but honestly, how comfortable can any contraction be? Needless to say, I tried to take it as easy as possible.

Today, I've had some more, but not as many. If they get worse, or increase in frequency, I will be calling the Dr. to make sure things are OK. Maybe I'm just pushing it too hard, even though I feel like I'm not doing much.

The baby also likes to kick a spot that must hit some type of nerve because I get quite the zing when it happens. It's not painful, but feels pretty funny.

In other news, Hannah lost her second tooth today! She now has now bottom front teeth and she whistles when she talks! SO cute! She lost it right before school. I was glad it happened at home, I like to be around for such BIG moments!

Aaron goes to Olympia all of next week to do some data work on the MSP, Washington's new name for the WASL. He leaves on Sunday and gets home on Saturday. Should be a tiring week... for both of us. But it is good experience for him and he enjoys the challenge of it. If it was November, I might not be comfortable with him leaving me. I might get stuck on the couch and not be able to get up!

Isaac LOVES preschool. He is doing quite well and is very good at tracing his name. He can sing all of the days of the week and is pretty close to knowing the months of the year. Smart little boy!

At the moment, our house is off the market as we look for a new realtor. I'm wanting to get the house ready again to be put up soon, but I know I can't do it all and Aaron certainly doesn't have time. Perhaps I will hire some college students who are looking to earn money for a mission trip to Guatemala. It's for two good causes... now I need to convince Aaron!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bloggin Slacker

I have good intentions to blog frequently, but life kind of happens and it doesn't happen. I have a rare moment of quiet at home right now and thought I should take advantage of it. Hannah is at school, Isaac is finishing up his nap in my bed (it started in the car on the way home from preschool) and the baby must be asleep because I am not currently being kicked and punched! This is a moment to cherish! Rather than trying to figure out if something died under the porch, I will sit at the computer and write. I think writing is a much better option!

The back porch does stink and I do think some animal crawled under it and died. The plug in air freshener is helping, but it still is pretty bad. The hot weather hasn't helped the situation either. The problem is that getting under the porch to check it out isn't an easy task. Maybe this weekend Aaron can pry off some boards and look around.

We are finally over the swine flu in our house. Aaron and I have remained healthy while Hannah and Isaac had a good week of feeling pretty yucky. All in all, it wasn't that bad. I would say that ear infections were much harder to deal with than this flu. It certainly wasn't as bad as I was expecting with all the hype. If I catch it, I do have to go on antiviral meds just to make sure there aren't complications. I'm not worried.

Other than that, life has been back to the school year routine. I'm enjoying teaching 5 days a week and Isaac loves preschool. Hannah is having a great time at Kindergarten, though she is having some difficulty getting use to the full days. She is extremely tired at the end of the school day and 6pm melt downs have been common. We have also had to wake her up most mornings even when she has fallen asleep by 6:30 the night before. She was sick last week, so that didn't help, but I can tell the days are long. Hopefully she will adjust to it in the next few weeks.

The kids did enjoy time at the Palouse Empire Fair and really liked the rodeo! I LOVE the rodeo. Aaron hasn't been to many of them, but he watches with me! The kids were also very excited for Sunday School to start up. I was excited to see that they each have several other children in their classes. It's so fun to see them excited to go to Sunday School!

I hope to blog again soon. The leaves will start falling in the next few weeks and I always get great pictures of the ids in the fall leaves, so I'll be posting those! Hopefully I'll blog again before that...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

26 weeks Pregnant

Should be large pumpkin size just in time for Halloween!
Only 14 weeks to go...
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First Day of Sunday School

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Fun at the Fair

Aaron and Isaac

Hannah and Great Aunt LaDonna

Isaac and Hannah on the Roller Coaster

SOOOO much fun!!!
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