Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Break

Today was the last day of preschool for the 2009-2010 academic preschool year! I can not believe that the year is over... it went so quickly. Of course I was on maternity leave for part of it, but still, it went by so fast. I love my job and the kids I am honored to teach. The families are amazing and I work with some of the best people I know. I couldn't have it better! Plus... I get summer break with my family! I LOVE that summer break is part of my job. It's even better that summer break is part of my husband's job too! His doesn't start yet, but it will soon. I do have to work some next week, but it is very laid back and mostly office stuff. I am looking forward to moving, having great family summer time, playing in parks, being at the pool, having friends over to the new house and giving the kids more opportunity to be with their friends. Pullman will be a wonderful move for us. I am so thankful that the move is coming soon!

Hannah is feeling better. I'm hoping this antibiotic will kick the germ, but that is yet to be seen. None of the rest of us caught the strep germ... so far so good. Hannah and Isaac are having a sleep over in Hannah's room. Isaac is camped out in his sleeping bag on her floor. They love to have sleep overs. They really are good friends.

Eli has found his voice and he loves to listen to himself make noise. He gets especially loud when he is tired. It's a funny little squeal he makes. Very cute!

Aaron is preaching this weekend. Pastor is out of town, so Aaron is taking over. I always like to hear him preach. He is a very gifted teacher. I hope I actually get to hear it, but I have a feeling that three kids in the pew by myself will be a bit challenging. I might catch bits and pieces! He enjoys leading the service and giving the message. I think if he could just be a teaching pastor, he would do it in a heartbeat. He would be really good at it too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pool Time!

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My T-Ball Players!

Hannah running

Isaac running

Isaac with his hands in his back pocket!

Hannah chatting with the opposition
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Eli at 5 Months!

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Catching Up

It has been one busy month... and it isn't over. I just needed to take a few minutes to write. It is 8pm and all three kids are asleep. Aaron is out mowing the lawn and I am savoring a few somewhat quiet moments. This is the last week of preschool. While I love teaching and my job couldn't be better, I am looking forward to summer break. We have a few wonderful things happening this summer, so I look ahead with great excitement.

The house is selling, it is just a little messy. We should have thing going smoothly by Saturday. Hopefully our move will be mid July.

Hannah has been struggling with repeated ear, sinus and throat infections. She has strep throat again and is on the 6th antibiotic of the year. Her allergy test came back fine as did her blood test checking out her immunity levels. We are now checking on her ability to produce antibodies, but this will take 5 weeks to find out. I'm wondering if she needs to have her tonsils removed. The Dr. did say they are quite large and could be causing the problems. I'm praying we get this figured out soon. Poor Hannah.

Isaac is full of energy as always. He LOVES his baby brother. It has been so fun to see a new side of Isaac emerge as he watches Eli grow and builds a brotherly relationship with him.

Eli is growing fast. Just today he was able to hold himself in a sitting position unassisted for about a minute! He is such a strong little guy with a smile for everyone.

So there is a quick update. More blogging to come!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Wonderful Kids!

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So Proud!

Hannah has always been a little girl who has shown great amounts of compassion for people and living things. Isaac has always been a loving boy, but I haven't seen him be a little boy of compassion. I've hoped a prayed that he would have a sense of compassion, and today I have seen those prayers answered. I believe Isaac will grow to be a man with great compassion for people! We have seen the movie "The Prince of Egypt" several times before, but not since Eli was born. We are home this morning because Hannah is sick with a massive ear infection and the kids are watching the movie. Isaac began to cry and was very concerned about the baby being put in the basket and on the river. He wanted to know who would take care of the baby and why the baby was left alone. He was so sad for the baby. It touched my heart to see him so concerned for the baby. He was upset that the Egyptian were hurting the babies. Isaac has begun to develop a sense of compassion for others. While it made me cry to see him cry, I am so happy to see this forming in our son. I think having a baby brother, someone he has helped care for, has really helped him begin to see the needs of others. I am SO proud of our little Isaac!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Badges of Honor

Today is Mother's Day. I am home from church with two of my children. Hannah has a fever... most likely ANOTHER ear infection. Eli and I are attached, so he never is too far away from me. Aaron and Isaac went to Pullman for church. Isaac will enjoy his Daddy time I'm sure. As Eli took one of his morning naps and Hannah watched a movie while wrapped in a blanket on the couch, I took a quick moment to shower and get ready for the day. The shower is my sanctuary, my one quiet and private place in my day. I did some thinking about being a Mommy and how much I love it. I did some thinking about how I have changed since being a Mommy... physically. And I have decided that these are my badges of honor. If I didn't have them, it would mean I wouldn't have my kiddos and I wouldn't me a Mommy. So I will look at these things with pride. Here are my badges of honor...

1. My hips are wider than they were 6 years ago. Giving birth to three babies will do this.
2. My chest is much larger than I ever thought it could be. It only means that I provided and am providing the best nutrition and food for my children while they are so little.
3. My tummy is not toned... far from it and it has a faded road map of stretch marks sprawling across it. My muscles have been separated and stretched beyond measure three times.
4. I have circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. I don't hesitate EVEN FOR A MOMENT to get up during the night to care for my children.
5. I have some wrinkles... mostly from laughing with my children... and worrying about their health and safety.

These badges of honor sometime worry me. I get caught up in thinking I need to change them, and some of them may change when I get more time to work out and my 4 month old starts sleeping through the entire night. But I will now look at these things and be thankful because I have my three wonderful children and a fabulous husband who don't care about my hips, tummy, wrinkles or tired eyes. And without my children I would be a different person, and I wouldn't change who I am now for anything!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Eli Pics

Our little guy is as cute as ever! He is a thumb chewer... not really a thumb sucker, but that might change. He goes through about 10 bibs a day because of his constant drool, and he is full of smiles! He has a strong grip, even on my short hair! He is just finding his feet and likes looking at them. He loves to have conversations with anyone who who talk to him and his toys. He LOVES his brother and sister and they LOVE him! First thing in the morning they "fight" over who gets to play with Eli first. I love having three kids! True blessings for the Lord! And all three are such cute kids with such individual personalities! I couldn't have it any better.

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Guess Who Takes All The Pictures!!!

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Stock Show Pictures

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Catching Up

Wow. I've been busy! As it would turn out, things have kind of sort of worked out for the sale of the house. The buyers need to resolve a few credit things before they can get their loan... this should be in the next few days. If it doesn't get resolved, then we are back to trying to sell. In the meantime, we will be showing the house again on Monday. Never hurts to cover your bases! The buyers for the house had the inspection done today. We haven't heard how that went, but I'm guessing no news is good news. Maybe we will hear how it went tomorrow.

Hannah and Isaac have started T-Ball. Their first game is on Tuesday in Rosalia... an hour drive. Yikes! What did we sign up for? At least it is only for the month of May and some of the games are in Endicott.

I've been fighting a terrible head cold this last week and today during preschool a major headache began creeping into my head. I took Tylenol and that took the edge off, but by the time I got home it was headed toward a migraine... something new for me that came along with the birth of Eli. After Aaron got home I was able to nap for a little bit and that helped some. At least I can function again.

May is a super busy month, so I might be absent from blogging as I try to get everything done. Or I may find blogging a wonderful escape and blog a lot. Only time will tell.

Say a prayer that the sale of the house goes through and we will be on our way to Pullman. We have put an offer in on a house... so here is to hoping!