Monday, September 26, 2011

This Parenting Thing

This parenting thing always seems to have a new twist or turn!  Now that Hannah and Isaac have started school and are riding the bus, they have had the opportunity to meet a lot of children in our neighborhood.  I love that they are making lots of new friends.  However, I am not loving some of the other stuff that is coming from all these new friends.  Knowing that parenting styles and parenting supervision vary greatly from family to family, Aaron and I are working on figuring out what is best for our kids when it comes to playing with the neighborhood friends.  The past 2 weeks have been tricky in our household.  Both kids have pushed boundaries, made very poor choices because the other kids are doing it, been snappy at one another and all around become children that they have not been before... and we are not about ready to tolerate it.  Yesterday was the day the straw broke, so this week I am cracking down.  Yes they can play with their new friends, but the boundaries are tight.  Yes, I may be known as the strict Mommy, but my children are going to know how to be considerate, how to make good choices, and how to be safe.  They will know that faith and family always come first and that treating one another with respect and kindness is very important.  They will know that sassing or back talking to a parent or any adult is not OK... just as inconsiderate and mean talk is not OK with peers.

I have really great kids.  They are loving and kind and helpful.  They love God and usually are good listeners.  As a Christian, I want my children to be able to share the love of Jesus through their words and actions... and I pray that it becomes a natural part of their personality and who they are. 

I know they need to learn to make good choices when many choices surround them.  Consequences for poor choices will most likely be the best teacher and I can't protect them from that as much as I may want to.  I know I won't do everything right as a mom, but I want to do the best I can.  I'm finding that with each age, the challenges change.  Toddlerhood is rough at times, but early elementary can be too!  So I will cover my children with prayer, give them as much love as I possibly can, empower them to make good choices, applaud their good behavior and point out the wonderful gifts God has given them, tell them how thankful I am to be their mother, and endure the pain of watching them suffer through natural consequences when they make poor choices.  I will be strict with them and keep their boundaries safe and yet give them an environment in which they can thrive.  This will be a continual journey as a parent... and I will let them know when I make a mistake and I will ask for their forgiveness when needed. 

This parenting thing... always and adventure!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not Exactly My Plan

Do things ever go "not as planned" for you?  Well, they do for me.  Such is the life with children!  At least it keeps me on my toes.  We had planned for a sort of low key, relaxing weekend.  We've had very busy weekends since school started.  The only plan I had for Saturday was do to a little work at preschool and then have dinner at my parent's house since we have relative visiting.  Aaron was gone in the morning for a teacher training.  So we headed to the church and I got to work while the kids played.  It took a bit longer than I thought it would and the kids headed over to Mimi and Papa's house while I finished up.  My Dad put some shelves together for the preschool too.  I finished preschool stuff and things began to go downhill.

I went over to pick up the kids and Eli wasn't looking so good.  His cough was quite a bit worse and he felt like he had a fever.  He was very tired.  We got home and he wasn't wanting to eat lunch, so I put him down for a nap.  He was crying everytime he coughed.  I quickly made lunch for the other two and called the clinic.  I was able to get Eli in!  Aaron was home in time so I didn't have to take Hannah and Isaac to the clinic too.  Eli had woken up after 30 minutes of sleeping, so I didn't have to try and move him to the van while he was sleeping.

Oh, before I forget, we came home to a dead fish.  Hannah and Isaac were distraught.  So I got to take a moment to explain life and death to them and let them cry about Fishey.  They decided to draw pictures of the fish to help them feel better.

We got to the clinic and he started screaming as soon as we started to walk in the room he got his shots in last time.  He was not going to go in that room.  Good memory.  He didn't want anything to do with the nurses and didn't really like the Dr., not our normal Dr.  Turns out he has an ear infection... one tube has fallen out.  Ugh.  He may have some throat stuff too, but the Dr. couldn't get a good look.  Either way, and antibiotic was in order. 

I got tot he pharmacy and they had not received the prescription.  The Dr. had sent it to the wrong place.  Ugh again.  The pharmacist was able to track it down because the clinic had closed and we couldn't reach the Dr.  So our wait was little longer than anticipated.  Got the medicine and headed to the van.

Surprise.  Low tire.  Headed across the street to Les Schwab to get it fixed.  Another 45 minute wait.  So we walked back across the street to wait at the golden arches.  The nail was removed from the tire and we were good to go. 

The rest oft he evening was crazy...  then it was time to try and get Eli to take his antibiotics.  Long story short, he puked it up everytime I tried to give it to him.  I got him to sleep and called the hospital to see if they could help me track down the Dr. to get a new prescription.  They did and we have a new antibiotic to pick up this morning.  Eli slept much better than I thought he would, so his looking and feeling a bit better this morning.  I am still tired.

I am thankful we were able to get meds for the little guy and get him on the mend.  I'm just reminded that flexibility is key is surviving this parenting thing!  I do like the extra snuggle time I get when the kids are feeling under the weather.  They usually don't slow down long enough to snuggle up for very long.

So, fall has fallen and the germs are here.  I'm ready for the excitement!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Grandparent's Day!

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Animals at the Fair

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Fun at the Fair

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First Day of Sunday School!

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First Sickness of the School Year

It started with Isaac.  It moved to Hannah and then Eli.  Amazingly we got through this first bout of sickness without any fevers, doctor's visits or puking!  I leap for joy!  All three have come through with just runny noses and an occasional cough.  This time last year we were dealing with H1N1 flu, strep throat, and ear infections.  This year, 2 surgeries later, we are doing well.  I should knock on wood.  We are hopeful that this will be a healthier year for us!

After a break from my bike, I am up and riding again.  It feels good to be back in the daily swing.  My legs are tired, but a good tired.  I want to reach 1000 miles by the end of the year.  I am confident that I can do it.  I have a lot less stress when I get to ride so that in itself is a good motivator!

Eli is doing very well on the potty.  I have had a few days that he tells me every time he needs to go, but he's not doing that everyday yet.  And he seems to only tell me.  Hmmm...  He will occasionally tell his babysitter, but rarely will he tell Daddy.  He certainly won't tell Mimi and Papa.  I wonder what goes through that little mind!

Isaac is having a great time at Kindergarten.  We have discovered he does no sweat, so we will be seeing the Dr. to make sure there isn't anything else we need to be concerned about.  We just have to make sure he stays cool.  This could make sports an interesting challenge in the future.  He says such funny things everyday and I am enjoying my time alone with him after Eli goes down for a nap.  We chat about his morning and read together.  We also are starting some number games and other fun things along those lines.  It's great time with him!

Hannah is growing up very fast in the world of 2nd grade.  She has little fashion chats with her friends and has asked for a cell phone.  Our answer was "no."  We got the, "But all my friends have one."  I'm sure not all of them do.  Anyway, she is content for the moment that we will revisit the conversation  in a few years!  She is so smart and just loves school.  I am so very proud of her!

And Eli is awake, so I am done!

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Week Down

We are officially in the fall routine of things.  Aaron and I both started back to teaching this week, and we are back in a groove.  I've decided to get up every morning at 5:30 in order to have a different type of start to the day.  I'm able to shower before the kids are up and I am usually able to get in some devotion time before they wake up.  I'm then able to take a little more time to pack a good lunch for Hannah and make a yummy, healthy hot breakfast for all three kids.  We're able to sit down together for breakfast and have a good start to the day.  Thus far we have been able to get to the bus stop on time, so they have ridden the bus to school all week.  I can always drop them on my way to work if needed.  This is proving to be worthwhile, although I am not a morning person at all.  I'll adjust.

We are off the the fair this afternoon.  My parents are coming along for the fun.  We always enjoy the atmosphere, animals, exhibits and a few rides.  The kids can't wait for cotton candy!  I'm taking the camera, so we should get some fun pictures.  I'll make sure to post a few!

Monday, September 5, 2011