Wednesday, October 27, 2010


God has given Aaron and I three precious, priceless gifts... Hannah, Isaac and Eli.  Before I had children, I didn't understand a lot of things.  I still don't but I think I have a greater understanding of love.  The first time I held Hannah after she was born I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love that I had never felt before.  I can't even describe it.  That love only multiplied with Isaac and then Eli.  Perhaps I have a vague understanding of God's love for me, His child.  One of the greatest joys I have as a parent is seeing character develop in my children.  Character, not personality (although I enjoy that too).  Seeing how my children respond to a person in need, an animal that is hurt, a crying child, someone who is not the same as they are.  This is what I love to see. 

Hannah and Isaac were watching a movie today.  In this movie some baby chicks hatch and imprint on a sheep, obviously not their chicken mother.  Isaac simply states... "this is the sad part of the movie.  The Mommy chicken will come back and not know where her babies are.  It is so sad.  I am so sad for her."  Later the chicken finds the chicks and the other animal knit her a sweater from the sheep's wool and all is well, the babies are back with their chicken mother.  It brings joy to my hear to see that my rough and tumble little boy has such a tender heart for babies and their mommies.  This isn't the first time he has become upset at a movie when the baby is separated from the mommy.  Isaac adores babies and feels compelled to make sure that they are well cared for.  I wonder how this piece of his character will play out in his life as he grows.

The other night I hurt my back putting Eli in his crib.  Hannah was unwilling to leave my side.  She wanted to help me walk where I needed to go, get things for me, hold my hand and make me feel better.  Hannah is always willing to help someone in need.  She has a natural instinct for this I think, a gift God has given her.  This is part of her beautiful character.

I look forward to seeing Eli's character develop over time.  Right now he seems to take great pleasure in making people smile... it makes his day to be able to grin at lots of different people.  Such a great little guy!

I pray that God will guide Aaron and I as we strive to raise our children in a way that will positively guide them to Godly character.

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Pain

A pain in my back that is.  Nothing like a pulled muscle in my lower back to slow me down.  I was trying to be extra quiet about putting my sleeping baby into his crib... he made it in and stayed asleep, but it took me quite a while to be able to move away from the crib.  I could barely stand up straight.  I took ibuprofen right away and put the heating pad on it.  I'm doing better this morning, but I am moving in slow motion.  Preschool today was tricky.  I was certainly moving slower than normal.  The kids were great and understanding of their slow motion teacher.  I wasn't able to get everything set up ahead of time, but they pitched in and gave a hand.  Such great kids I get to teach!

Hannah is home each afternoon this week as the school has conferences.  Hannah's is tomorrow afternoon.  Both Hannah and Isaac also start swim lessons tomorrow. They are super excited.  I'm still unsure about the scheduling of it and how it will all work, but it doesn't last forever, so we will muddle through the schedule of it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Every Morning

I have the tendency to be hard on myself.  I'm not a perfectionist in all areas... only in some.  I HATE making a mistake, I despise hard confrontation.  When fight or flight hits, I flee.  This is my natural instinct.  I remember in high school I went to some haunted house thing around Halloween... I fled that scary stuff... I didn't wait to see if the chinsaw was fake.  As much as I want to be a fighter all the time, I am not.  I am hard on myself for not being a fighter.  I will say that I am a fighter when it comes to my children, and the children I work with.  My heart and soul fights for them.

I have goals I want to meet.  I am hard on myself when I mess up.  Then I think what's the point... I'm going to mess it up anyway.  I convince myself it is good enough to just say I have a goal... that the goal really is not attainable.  I think it is a coping mechanism, a way to rationalize my failures.  But this is not right.  The Bible says that God's mercies are new every morning.  Every morning when I get out of bed, His mercies are new.  I have a completely fresh start.  What a relief!  I can work towards my goals, knowing that rough patches will come along, but they don't need to stop me.  I don't need a false coping mechanism because God's mercies are new every morning... mercies for me.  His grace covers me over and I am free to succeed, free to mess up, free to start again.  I don't need to become a fighter... God fights for me.  When I flee, I just need to remember to run to Him, flee to His gracious and loving arms. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Bedroom

So it's not just my bedroom, I share it with Aaron of course.  This room of the house is the one most severely neglected.  It is the last to be vacuumed, the last to be de-cluttered.  It is the first to have things "stored" in an emergency.  This, my friends, should not be.  I want my bedroom to be a relaxing place both for me and my husband.  So I need to tackle this project.  I still have a few boxes from the move sitting in the bedroom that need to be unpacked.  The problem is I have no place to put these things.  I need some type of organizer, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on it.  I am thinking I would like to get one of those ottomans that has storage inside, one that you can flip the cover over and use like a coffee table.  Anyone know where to find an inexpensive one?  Once those boxes are unloaded, that will help a lot in the organizing of the bedroom. 

Isaac came upstairs this morning wearing these awesome sunglasses and asked me, "Do I look gorgeous?"  Love it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eli is 10 months Today!

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Kiddo Update

Eli is 10 months old today!  Where did the time go?  He is a busy crawler who likes to cruise around the furniture and walk behind something as he pushes it.  HE can stand up unassisted, but is not yet taking steps.  He can hold off for awhile longer!  Yesterday he dropped his cup on the floor and said, "Uh-Oh!"  Can you imagine the excitement at the dinner table!  Hannah and Isaac were so very excited... it kind of scared poor little Eli!  He is such a happy boy.  He has 8 teeth and very swollen gums, so more are on the way soon.  He likes to wave and flirt.  He loves his siblings and is very observant.  He also enjoyed wrestling with Isaac.  Yikes.  He is pooping consistently in the toilet and will pee in the toilet too.  We are teaching him the sign language to let us know when he needs to go.  Amazing.

Isaac is a busy preschooler who is making some wonderful friends!  It is fun to see him mature and make really solid friendships.  He misses Hannah during the day and is always excited when she is done with school.  He love to pray out loud and thank God for the beautiful world.  He also is very excited that he now wears boxer shorts.

Hannah is a wonderful girl who increasingly wants more independence.  Today was the first day I let her walk part of the way to school.  I dropped her off at the path that leads right to the school.  It isn't far for her to walk, but it certainly gives her a sense of pride and bigness.  She loves school and all of the friends she is making.  It sounds like they hunt for bigfoot at recess. 

So that is what these Krantz kids are up to.  Lots of fun.  Hannah and Isaac begin swim lessons on Tuesday next week.  They are very excited about it.  I'm glad they were able to be in separate classes, even though  it takes more work on my part... I think it is better for both of them to be separate!

I'm preparing dry beans today.  I've always used the canned beans, but I thought I would try cooking them myself.  We'll see how this goes.  It can't be that hard.  I did soak them, so hopefully they won't be gassy!  That could be bad.  Do you have a good bean recipe???

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still Going

I just have to report that my little guy Eli, not even 10 months old yet, is still pooping in the toilet!  This is not a fluke.  In the past 2 months, I have only had to change 3 poopy diapers and they have happened in the car.  When I put him on the potty, if he doesn't poop, he pees!  He know how to make his body do these things!  He has now started to grin and laugh when he is done.  Amazing.  Does my baby sleep through the night?  No, but he poops in the toilet!  I'll totally take it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Pictures

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At the Pumpkin Patch

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Our Little Pumpkin

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A Woman of Noble Character

So Ruth was a woman of noble character.  I would love to have that label!  When I die, I want people to be able to truthfully say that I was a woman of noble character.  So what are these character traits?  These are a few I see in Ruth... LOYAL, COMPASSIONATE, SELF SACRIFICING LOVE, HARD WORKING, TRUSTWORTHY, TRUTHFUL, BRAVE, FAITHFUL, BELIEVING, STEADFAST, FOCUSED.  My prayer is that God would continue to shape me into a woman of noble character, that I could raise my children to be people of noble character and that my children will find spouses of noble character when they are older.  I think I will continue to learn what this means all through my lifetime!

A friend of mine just ran her first marathon!  I asked her how she felt about it and she said, "I feel like anything is possible."  Her comment came at just the right time for me, like God wanted her to say those words to me at the instant that she did.  Thanks Harmony for being God's voice  to me in that moment!  I have a few goals that I am working on attaining and at times I just want to say forget it and be done.  Since going on the women's retreat I feel like God is pushing me forward, telling me to get our of my rut and grow.  With Christ, anything is possible.  If my friend can run a marathon, I can run the race in front of me!  I know it will take training and discipline, but I know it can be done.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kinsman Redeemer

I have never really took a hard look at the book of Ruth, but on Sunday we took a quick glimpse and I felt like God was calling me to it.  I couldn't get the discussion out of my head and the thought of Jesus being my kinsman redeemer.  So, I am going to study Ruth.  I need to be redeemed... I already have been through Jesus, but I want to read about it, bring it close to my heart and I want to know Jesus more and more as my Kinsman Redeemer.  Redemption is a wonderful thing.  In Ruth, Naomi was empty, completely empty, to the point of bitterness.  But self sacrificing love and compassion filled her and restored her, an act of redemption.  I feel like I am almost empty... I'm not to the point of bitterness, but I need refilling - I need to be reminded of my redemption and the sacrificial love of my Redeemer.  Ruth is a good place to be in the Word right now.

On another note, Tiny has still not returned.  The kids, especially Hannah, are starting to feel that pain of loss.  We don't know if our kitty will return or if she is dead.  It would almost be easier to know for sure if we should say good-bye to our very loved kitty. 

Eli stood up again today without pulling up on anything.  I think he will walk sooner than the other two did.  He might surprise me though and hold out until his first birthday... I kind of doubt it.  Isaac is making Eli laugh all the time.  They have become amazing little buddies, even wrestling a little.  Eli loves it and Isaac is very careful.  Boys.  Hannah seems more grown up to me everyday, such an amazing girl.  I love seeing her becoming confident and independent, but at the same time it seems like she was just a baby and the time has gone so fast.  This is just another stage for her and I will enjoy all my moments with her just as I did before... just in a little different way.

I look forward to sharing what I learn from my study of the book of Ruth.  If you have studied it, please share any insights... I would love to hear them!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Last night I spent time journaling through my time with God.  I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier... this is a tool I have used in the past.  I am not a fabulous writer, but I am a focused writer.  When I write, my mind is set... not a lot interferes.  So it makes sense to use journaling as a mean of focus when reading the Bible, praying and thinking through things.  It felt good to remember my long lost tool! 

Now I need to find time to get my physical body moving more.  This is a tough one... I can't have the kids around because they crawl all over me... I've tried lots of different things with the kids around and it just doesn't work.  I would love to swim laps, but the childcare thing is the issue.  An answer will present itself  I have no doubt... just when? 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Didn't Happen

Well, 5:15am came and I wasn't in bed, but I wasn't doing what I had planned. Eli is teething and was up about every hour during the night... and so was I! 5:15 was one of those times. Anyway, 5:15 didn't work. I've been thinking on and off this morning and have decided that I do really need sleep and would I really be able to stay awake if I got up that early to mediate or pray. I think I would end up asleep. My best time of day has always been the evening. So I think I will set aside some time every evening after the kids are in bed to spend some good time with God. This makes more sense to me and I believe that it will work... I'm not setting myself up to fail at this goal I have.

I must say that I have had a fabulous morning, even though I am tired. Preschool was amazing, I have such great kids and families! I spent a good amount of time after preschool listening to Isaac and Eli laugh at a balloon flying across the room after being blown up. Their laughs make me laugh, soothing for my soul!

We are slowly working through a crisis at our home. Our kitty hasn't been seen since Saturday evening... most likely killed by coyotes, but we just don't know. So we are working through the trauma of a missing kitty, one that is in every family picture drawn by Hannah. Even Aaron is a little sad about Tiny not being with us anymore. Who knows, maybe she will come meowing at our door sometime.

Life is good on this rainy day. I don't have all the answers I am looking for, but that's OK.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wanting to Blog

I've been trying to sit down and write all evening, but things keep coming up and I get pulled away. A teething baby, an overtired 4 year old... Anyway, I'm here now.

Over the weekend Eli and I attended my church's women's retreat in Post Falls. Eli doesn't take a bottle, so we are pretty close! It was very kind of the ladies to let him come along. He did fabulous, such an easy little guy. Anyway, the retreat was focusing on spiritual disciplines. I am familiar with these, I actually practiced a few before I had children. For the past 6 years, my life has become a bit more hectic... all the more need for some spiritual discipline. But how in the world will I accomplish this? This is something I have to give up in prayer. I know it is a good thing to desire, to find time to pray, meditate of the Word of God, find some solitude, practice simplicity, study the Bible... and there are more. I know there is a way to do this, but I'm not sure what it is. It's not that I feel like I have to do some of this, but I really want to. I'm feeling a bit dry in my faith walk, like my cup is looking a bit empty. I desire to be closer to the Living God, to hear the voice of my Creator in the words of the Bible, to spend time with the Lover of my soul. I know God will grant this desire of my heart... I just hope it doesn't mean getting up at 5am each morning... is that terrible of me? Do I crave sleep more than I crave intimacy with God? I need both. I am not a morning person, I have had to learn to function well in the mornings since having children. I just don't see another time of the day that can be devoted to this. Maybe God will reveal another time of the day, or maybe 5 am would be the best thing for me.

I think in the morning I will try getting up when Aaron gets up to shower. I'm going to give it a go, this 5 am thing... maybe more like 5:15. Those 15 minutes make a big difference.

The other thing I am trying to fit into my schedule is a time to exercise. I find myself taking care of everyone's needs but my own. With young children this is almost a necessity, so how do I find time to take care of myself too? Seriously. I am enjoying this part of my life with my kids... I treasure their childhood and love being their Mom. I just am finding that I need to take care of me too.

So that is what is on my mind lately. I'll let you know how 5:15am works out!