Sunday, June 28, 2009

Isaac and an ER visit

Yesterday Isaac's cold took a turn for the worst and he spike a fever of 103. Ibuprofen and Tylenol didn't touch it, and then he started throwing up. So he didn't sleep very well and in the morning the he still was running at high temp. He stopped vomiting and kept fluids down so we tried the meds again. They stayed down, but didn't change the fever. So when Hannah and Aaron got home from church I took him to the ER. He has a pretty good Bronchitis. I'm glad we caught it now before it got any worse. He's on antibiotics for the next 5 days. I'm hoping Hannah doesn't follow in his footsteps! We could ALL use a full night of sleep.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spiritual Calm

Today was a good morning, even though it started out with a puking episode. It all went better from then on. I slept in until about 9am, which was nice. The more sleep I get, the better things seem to go for that day. I ate a yummy breakfast of Raisin Bran Crunch with milk! I've just started to be able to tolerate dairy again. I'm so happy to be moving away from Captain Crunch and Trix. The better stuff is staying down and I'm really glad!

Aaron went to the school to get some time sheeting done that has to be finished before July 15. Since we will be gone for over 10 days, he is trying to get it done before we leave for the coast. The kids watched a movie and then painted. I put on some new praise music I had ordered and the kids sat in the living room, Hannah drawing on the big easel paper with her markers and Isaac was laying on the floor flipping through his devotion book. What a beautiful moment! And it even lasted for almost 30 minutes. The music was amazing and I just let it poor into my soul, a moment of spiritual calm and renewal. It came at the perfect time, as it always does. I'm not a crier too often unless I am reading Chicken Soup for the Soul with my cousin Amy, but tears streamed as I listened to the words of Scripture embedded in the beauty of the music. Refreshing, revitalizing tears. God is good.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Colds... Ugh

It started with Isaac and moved to Hannah, and now has reached me... the dreaded summer cold. Aaron so far has lucked out and is still snot free. Isaac has a barking cough with his, colds always go that way with him. Hannah is just sniffly and tired. She still could get worse... I'm hoping not. I'm stuffed up and the extra snot makes for extra gagging and extra time trying not to throw up. Ugh. We all hope this is a short lived cold and hopefully Aaron won't get it.

Our kitty Tiny was really funny today. We washed her bed and took her kitty dish to go through the dishwasher and she thought her world was ending. She kept looking at the empty spot where her things used to be and she gave out some very sad meows. She was sure her world was over. You can imagine her relief when the bed showed up, clean and fluffy. Her happiness was even more apparent when the food dish reappeared, complete with yummy food for dinner!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great News!

Insurance approved coverage at least through July 14 for Home Health! What a huge relief. I'm so glad I'm not going to have to get in a big battle over it. I slept easier last night!

We had a great time with Matt, Lisa, Naomi and Joel Brand, friends from MN. They spent the night at our house last night and we all had lots of fun. Hannah and Naomi were instantly great friends and certainly enjoyed their time together! It would be so fun to have friends like that close by!

We are counting down the days until our trip to the coast. We will leave next Wednesday evening and take our time getting there. Not knowing how well I will travel, we decided to split the time up into very easy distances. It looks like the IV stand and lots of fluids will be coming along for the journey, but we will manage!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

13 Weeks Along

I had my appointment today and the baby is right on track. I like getting to see the little peanut every two weeks! The heartbeat was strongat 150 BPM, and the baby was quite quiet. I think he'she was sleeping this time, but the hand was right up by the mouth. Hmmm.. a thumb sucker?

I am happy to report I have gained 5 pounds! I am still under prepregnancy weight, but this is the first weight gain all pregnancy long. I couldn't be happier! The nurse and Dr. were quite pleased with my progress. They did a blood test because I may be anemic. I'm not sure how we will fix that if I am. More roast beef from Arbys? I could handle that.

On a more unsettling note, I got a call before my appointment from our insurance company asking me all these crazy personal questions about my treatment and pregnancy. I think they are going to try and deny coverage for Home Health. I talked to the Dr. about all of it and he gave me some good advice. Maybe they are just filling out paperwork, but maybe we need to get ready to fight a battle with our insurance company. I hope it's just the paperwork. They were asking questions about my previous pregnancies too, which has nothing to do with the care I need for THIS pregnancy. GRRRRR. The Dr. is on my side, he wouldn't have had me go on Home Health if I didn't need it. I'm trying not to get worked up about it, but it really makes me mad. Maybe they would prefer covering mutliple hospital visits and trips to the ER. Or maybe they would like to cover the costs of a baby in instensive care because they decided I didn't need fluids and medications because it was just morning sickness. I guess it would be better for them if my kidney's started to fail. I bet they would like to cover that cost! OK... I'm done.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Return to the Toilet

While I type, the baby is dancing all around my tummy! I love it!
As Hannah and Isaac would say, "Well...." today was not the best of days. I am totally exhausted. I haven't done much, but can't seem to get moving either. I know I am still struggling with Hyperemesis, but boy am I tired. And I returned to the toilet today... not a pleasant moment. Dinner is settling fine though...
And it was COLD today. I had to turn the heater on. It was only 62 in the house! The wind is blowing, and it is just cold. Yuck. Wednesday it is suppose to be 90! Just a little bit of a change!
Hannah had a dentist appointment today. Aaron took her in and she was super brave again. She really is a trooper. Isaac enjoyed his morning alone with Mommy. Both of the kids have been enjoying more Mommy time. Isaac actually stayed in HIS bed until 7:30 this morning. It was nice to wake up in my bed with a little extra room! Aaron appreciated it too. No little feet in his back!
I've done a little bit of reading on stress with children Hannah's age. The stress most often manifests itself in behavior issues. This has been a problem for about the last 6 weeks, as long as I have been pregant and sick. I know Mommy being sick is stressful on the kids, and on the whole family. I am sad that it seems to be affecting Hannah is such a strong way. She is usually a very sweet little girl who is very kind and aware of how her words make people feel. This hasn't been the case lately. She gets very short, sassy and snotty in just a few minutes time. Maybe she is trying to figure out a new step of independence, but I have a strong sense it is mostly from the stress in our home. She is one who easily worries, (it runs in the family) and I know she is worried about me and the baby. Her questions and spoken concerns leave me no doubt. I pray that the end result will be a positive experience for her, for us all... one that helps us learn and grow and trust more and more in God to guide us.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun Times with Mimi Marci

Checking out a BIG June Bug.

Hannah and our kitty Tiny. Tiny puts up with a lot!

Dressing up is SOOO much fun!

Cooling off in the pool in our yard.
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Baby Steps

A few baby steps this morning...
1. A morning alone with the kids. Aaron was taking Marci to the airport, she's flying home to MN. The kids have been great. We took it easy and they are resting now... I'm hoping Isaac falls asleep.
2. I made lunch for the kids. I made biscuts with scrambled eggs and turkey bacon... I ate a lot of the bacon myself.
3. I've had about 16 ounces of Peach Tea today... diet so not many calories :(, but still a good fluid. I have to make it with bottled water because the tap water tastes so gross and makes me gag.
4. I THINK I may have gained a pound or two! This is the only time I would be excited to report such news, but when I stepped on the scale it moved in the direction I've been hoping for! I'll have a better idea of how well I've done at my appointment on Tuesday.

So those are my baby steps for today. Things are moving in the right direction and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm re-learning to live with the constant nausea, trying to think of it as an inconvenience. I know once this baby is born I will remember what a normal stomach feels like. I honestly can't remember! Ugh.

Friday, June 19, 2009

12 weeks, 4 days pregnant

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Feeling baby

I felt this baby move yesterday. I think feeling the baby move is my favorite part of pregnancy. I'm so glad it came early this time. The feathery tickle of tiny baby movements is reassuring and miraculous! I get to see the baby again next Tuesday. It will be so fun to see how much growth has happened in the last two weeks.

I have been Zofran free since Sunday. I've been taking oral Meclizine and Zyrtec and that seems to help enough to get me functioning during the day, not my normal self, but better than a few weeks ago. I am not vomitting as much, but the nausea is still ever present. I am eating more foods, but still have Captain Crunch on hand all the time. I swear I will never eat the stuff again after this is done! I'm still needing fluids each night through the IV, I'm just not able to drink much yet. Fluids are the worst to try and keep down. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be doing better in the fluid department!

Hannah attended Daycamp all week in the mornings at our church. She loved every minute of it and Isaac very much enjoyed having Mimi Marci all to himself! He didn't mind Hannah leaving at all. Hannah brought home some really neat crafts and is singing camp songs for us. Isaac is catching on to the songs as singing them himself. Such musical children!

Marci leaves for Minnesota tomorrow. I am a tad bit nervous about being on my own again. At least Aaron is done with school and should be able to help out quite a bit. It has been such a blessing to have 5 weeks of help from the Moms. I can't stress enough how blessed we are to have such wonderful family! Both Marci and my Mom were a God send to me and to the kids. Life would have been pretty hard without them! I thank God for such wonderful women in the lives of my children. What great role models!

Aaron picked our garden snow peas today and we had them for dinner... so yummy! The wind did a number on them, but we are still getting some produce.

Sunday will be our last Sunday at our church here in Endicott. We will be joining Concordia, the church in Pullman where I work. The timing seemed right and we are excited to be part of such a vibrant church! The drive will get a bit old, but hopefully the house will sell and we will be closer soon!

And that's all from Endicott... for now!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Mover and A Shaker!

Yesterday I had an ultrasound. I'll be getting them every two weeks while I have my PICC line in place. I get to see my Dr. that often and a Home Health Nurse weekly. I am well cared for! Anyway, the ultrasound was amazing... just what I needed to lift my spirits high. God knows what I need, and He always comes through! This little baby was moving all over the place. The hands and feet were moving like crazy! My Dr. was laughing and I was in awe. For such a tiny little thing, that baby can move! I saw the legs and the arms and the head, such an amazing miracle. I was amazed at how much the baby had grown in two weeks. It will be fun to see the growth in two more weeks! Seeing the baby gave me a better sense of well being, knowing this is all so very worth it!
Hannah and Isaac got a T-ball set today. They enjoyed hitting the ball off the tee. Mimi Marci took some good pictures of them. Isaac would swing so hard he would fall down! Hannah was so excited to give it a try! They really had a good time. They also have been putting in hours at the park, which they love. Tomorrow we will go to a puppet show in Colfax and hopefully next Tuesday we will get to go to the circus that is coming to the fairgrounds! I know they would really enjoy that. We went last year too. It's fun to take advantage of events like that when they are actually fairly close by!
Aaron's last day of school, with kids, is tomorrow. I know he is really excited for summer break. He has some school stuff during the summer, but I don't think he has to be gone fore days at a time this year. I certainly am glad about that!
I'm doing fairly well. I do get tired quite easily, but am able to eat a little more. I'm drinking lemonade and that is staying down. I'm really hopeful that by next week I can go to IV fluids every other night rather than every night. I'm still religiously taking my Zofran. I don't think I'll back off on that for awhile yet. The 8mg doses seem to work fairly well, and I'm not anxious to go back to 4mg. It would be nice to be able to do oral Zofran by the time I leave on my trip to CA, the end of July. Hopefully I will be PICC line free by then, but I'm not going to push it. I'll keep my lifeline as long as I need it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Things Looking Up???

Today was a good day. It is 7pm and I have yet to puke! This is a first! I can't begin to express how good it fells to keep some food down. I have actually had some energy today and not felt so utterly weak. And I think I have found a liquid that I can tolerate and keep down... Crystal Light Natural Lemonade. This has worked for 2 days, so here is to hoping! I would love to be able to get my fluids the normal way rather than being tethered to the IV bag. Don't get me wrong, I am extrememly thankful for the IV fluids. I know that I would be in really bad shape without them and without my infusion medications. The managment of this pregnancy is so much better than my last. I really can't complain.
Hannah and Isaac are having lots of fun with Mimi Marci. I sometimes feel a little depressed over my inability to play with them and care for them. It is good to know they are being well taken care of when I am not able to be my normal self. I have wonderful kids, and wonderful family on both sides. God has certainly blessed us!