Monday, June 27, 2011


I have had some grumpy days lately.  I'm tired, I'm not reaching my goals as quickly as I would like, Eli is a VERY busy toddler that has no fear... I am always on.  One night as I was trying to make dinner and all the kids were in my "one butt" kitchen with me asking me to fulfill all of their immediate needs, I said in a fairly loud voice, "I need a vacation from being a Mommy."  As soon as it came out of my mouth I felt a massive amount of remorse.  Isaac broke into tears afraid that I was going to leave him.  Hannah was just quiet.  Eli didn't really change his behavior and still insisted that I hold him.  So I explained to my children that sometimes Mommies need some time to be alone, that alone time can make us be better at being Mommies. 

The next day I was still feeling grumpy, and I was praying for God to help me change my attitude and my heart.  Throughout the day there were several things that caught my attention and made me think about my perspective.  An Arthur TV show even helped convict me.  God works in mysterious ways.  I needed to change my perspective.  I began to think of my friends who have had children die too young.  I began to think of people around the world who don't have homes to keep clean.  I began to think about people who dig through the dump to find clothing to wear and scraps of food to eat.  Many other situations flashed through my mind.  I suddenly felt very selfish, arrogant, humbled and wrong.  God changed my perspective. 

I haven't been so grumpy since then.  Yes, I am still tired and those grumpy feelings keep trying to bubble up to the top and make a stinky debut.  But my perspective has changed.  I will be thankful for my many blessings and search out ways to bless others with the blessings God has entrusted to me and my family.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Funny Question

The other day a person asked me what I do with all my time during summer break.  Obviously this was a person who does not have children.  I had to giggle inside, and replied "I'm a Mom."  Enough said.  So, this is what I do with all my time...

I do not sleep through the night, I am up to tend to my 5 year old's sleep walking or occasional nightmare, or cuddling with my needy 18 month old, and occasionally am with my 7 year old who can't sleep.
I am up by 6am at the latest to begin daytime caring of my children.
I read a book to the kids.
I continue potty training my toddler.
I read another book to the kids.
I make breakfast while holding my toddler who wants to see everything.  My 5 year old pulls up a chair to watch as well.  My 7 year old is sometimes still asleep or lounging on the couch.
I sometimes get the dishes to the sink before my toddler is off an running.
I read a book to the kids.
I help the kids get dressed.
I continue potty training my toddler.
I read my toddler another book (usually the same one I have already read 3 or 4 times).
I help the older kids figure out that there is something to do, that they have toys that are for playing with downstairs and that they don't need to haul them all upstairs.  Sometimes this works.  Not always.
I watch as my toddler dumps out all his toys and then run to the kitchen to unload the cupboards.
I do a quick clean up after the tornado only to turn around and find my toddler on top of the table trying to eat the leftover oatmeal that I failed to get to the sink in an orderly fashion. He has also tried to drink the milk leftover in his brother's cup and he is covered in milk as is the table.
I strip the toddler and take him to go potty.  He runs around the house naked as I get new clothes.  He runs even faster when he sees I have clothing to put on him.  He laughs and we play chase.  I catch him and sing silly songs so he will stay still long enough to get clothes on.
It is now 8am.

The rest of my day is quite similar to this...

So what do I do with ALL my time?  That's a long answer!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Little Eli

18 months has flown by.  It seems unreal that my baby is already 1 1/2 years old!  He is such a great little guy with all kinds of personality!  He can climb like a monkey, enough that within the next few weeks we will be moving him to a toddler bed for his own safety.  He loves to dance and usually requires Hannah to be his dance partner.  He has quite a large vocabulary that grows each day and we are able to understand him more and more.  He is almost potty trained.  In the past 10 months I have only had to change 3 or 4 poopy diapers.  He prefers wearing his training pants over diapers.  He tells me half of the time that he needs to go potty and all of the time when he needs to go poopy.  I can't complain!  He is STRONG both physically and in his will.  I thought my other children were strong willed... nothing compared to this little guy.  This will be a challenge! 

Eli loves books, music, airplanes, cars and lawnmowers.  He love to go "whee" down the slide.  He has NO fear.  He always remembers to say prayers before mealtimes and adores our Pastor.  He loves his Bible.  He likes Johnny Cash, bluegrass and country music best.

We are so thankful for this little guy with his enormous amounts of energy, strength and smiles!  What a blessing!

Eli is 18 Months Old!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As I type this, I am listening to the gentle rain falling outside. It has been cool all day... nothing new. This has been a very chilly and wet spring. But tonight, I find the gentleness of this rain refreshing and peaceful. Maybe because the kids are all asleep and Aaron is at Bible Study so I have a rare, quiet moment alone. Maybe because the Palouse is a beautiful green now and the rain highlights the amazing color of the hills. Or maybe I am just feeling peaceful and remembering how much I love the sound of rain.

I am finishing up work. I hoping to be done by Friday, but I think it is more likely that I will be working on Monday too. Lots of clean up goes on with a preschool! Plus I am doing me best to get things ready for fall so I can wait longer to go back to work! We'll see how that goes. There is always a lot to get ready in the fall.
We enjoyed our first of hopefully many fishing trips. The kids were very successful! They had a great time and then Isaac fell in. It wasn't warm enough to just let him dry and he was a bit traumatized by the whole event, so we went home a bit earlier than planned. He told me that he knew he should have brought his scuba gear. :)

I think we plan to go fishing again next Saturday. It is free fishing day in Idaho, and there is a reservoir that we want to go to. We don't have to get a non-resident fishing license! Praying for good weather and good fishing!