Monday, April 18, 2011


Hannah has been working hard learning how to do a cartwheel.  She is getting better with each passing day.  Isaac too is trying to master the cartwheel.  He is also improving.  Papa Ken was over tonight to borrow a tool and the kids decided to show them their skills.  Eli was watching with great intensity and began to give his own little show.  She stuck he butt out and waddled backwards giggling.  He stopped and spun around a few times, giggling.  Then, he tried a cartwheel!  He put his hands down on the ground, grunted and moved his feet  to the other side of his hands.  He then fell on the floor with a sigh, looked at Papa Ken and giggled.  It was hilarious! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm ready for a spring full of nice warm weather, blooming flowers and lots of good time to spend outside.  Thus far, we have only had a few days like that.  I am thankful for those days, but am longing for a few more... so are the kids!

Yesterday was fairly nice so the two oldest went scootering outside.  Hannah took another tumble... I think she tries to go way too fast and then loses control.  Anyway she had some nice abrasions on each knee and one on her elbow.  Plus she was quite upset that she tore a hole in the knee of a new pair of pants.  We just turned them into a new pair of shorts!  Hannah is excited that she gets to bring her mealworms from school home this Friday.  Ugh.  Her mealworms are now big gross black beetles.  I'm hoping their life span is short and they stay in their bowl.  However, she is very excited about it... 

Preschool took a field trip out to see some major farm equipment this morning.  I had prayed for the rain to hold off until 11:30, and God granted my request!  It began raining right at 11:30!  It was a great morning of climbing all over large combines, tractors, trucks and other stuff.  Isaac didn't want to leave.

Eli is enjoying his moments of time outdoors.  He is trying to figure out how to run fast and is ALWAYS on the move.  He is climbing with greater speed and intensity with each passing day.  He show very little fear and finds himself to be quite funny.  He is super cute!

My parents are now official residents of Pullman!!!  They are still at our house, for a couple more days.  It sounds like they will begin to move in to their home on Friday.  It will be a process for sure, but they are happy to be here and we are happy to have them! 

And that's the news!

Monday, April 11, 2011