Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of 1st Grade

This day was hard for me on several levels. It was amazingly easy for Hannah. I am so happy that she is a confident girl who loves new things. At the same time I see her becoming so much more independent and not needing me so much. While this is a good and healthy thing for children, it is hard on me on some level. I am very pleased to see the young girl she is becoming and am exceedingly proud of her. It just all happened so quickly. Last year Aaron was in the same building as Hannah, so it seemed so easy. This year it was a new school, TONS of kids and I didn't know any of the adults. I had a little lump in my throat as we drove up and I was unable to find a parking spot and the playground was swarming with kids. But she came through with shining colors and loved having so many kids around. She adores her teacher and loved the hot lunch. They can choose chocolate milk everyday if they want. She thought that was pretty cool!

Isaac and Eli missed her today. They are missing Daddy too, since he is back to school as well. Summer is over and it is back to the normal routine. I'm happy and sad for this all at the same time. It was a crazy summer that seemed to be gobbled up by our move. But we are in our new home and ready to go. I am excited to see what the fall has in store for our family.

I'll do my best to post Hannah's first day picture in the next little while. It was a quick shot... she didn't want to be late!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Crazy Summer

It has been a crazy summer! We had a wonderful vacation in Idaho with lots of my extended family. I wish we could have stayed longer. We got home and had to paint the Endicott house and ended up having to wait two weeks for the house to close. We lived in our Pastor's basement while we waited... it was a wonderful time with him and his wife. We have such fabulous people surrounding us! We are now in our house in Pullman! We've been organizing and getting settled. We have been blessed with lots of help. We've had two sets of overnight visitors already too! My folks came for a visit and then our missionary friends from Peru stayed with us for two nights. We've had lots of friends over for and the kids have LOVED having other kids to play with. It is fabulous! Pullman is a great place for us to be!
The kids have had no problems adjusting to their new home. Eli has three teeth now, is crawling and pulling himself up and is a very determined little boy! He is 7 1/2 months old now. Hannah and Isaac are waiting for school to start up again. They are excited for things to come.
I'm hoping to start blogging regularly again. We were without Internet for quite some time, it's good to be back online. I'll post pictures of the kids and the house soon.