Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's for dinner?

This was the coversation I had with the kids in the van today....
Hannah, "What's for dinner, Mommy?"
Isaac, "What's for dinner, mama?"
Me, "I don't know. What do you want?"
Hannah, "We want meat."
Isaac, "Meat!"
Hannah and Isaac in unison, "Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!"
You get the picture.
I don't think they cared what kind of meat as long as it was meat. So much for salad!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


In preschool we just started a new learning unit on the farm. I have been picking up fun little toys that I find that go along with this theme. Today we used wind up chickens that lay eggs as they move along the floor. The kids went crazy over these! It was so fun to see them play with these chickens over and over. I loved hearing their squeals of delight as the chickens repeatedly prodcued gumball eggs!
I also am planning on using some little chicks that I found on Easter clearance. These little birds have two metal circles on the bottom and when you touch both of the circles, the chic chirps. Loads of fun! The greatest thing about these is that we can form a circle and hold hands with the first person touching one of the circles and the last person touching the other. This produces a chirpy noise, but if one person lets go of the circle, no chirping! What a fun way to teach circuits!
Today I was at the pharmacy and found two small wind up cows that walk along the floor. These too will add fun and excitement to our farm! I can't wait to share them with the kids. I know they will just love them! I always am keeping my eyes open for little treasures to catch the attention of the young children in my class. Hannah and Isaac do a great job at pointing out all kinds of things that look like fun!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I didn't get these pictures posted in the right order. I am still learning. You still get the sense of how the kids have changed... it just takes some mental organizing on your part!

More Easter History in Pictures

Easter 2008 - Isaac is almost 2 and Hannah is 4. We were in Yakima at my parent's house.

Easter 2009 - Hannah is 5 and Isaac is 3.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter History in Pictures

We didn't get a digital camera until just before Isaac was born, so we don't have digital pictures of Hannah when she was very young. But, here is a taste of how they have grown as they dye Easter Eggs! It's amazing how much they have changed!

Easter 2006 - Isaac less than 1 week old, Hannah is 2.

Easter 2007 - Hannah is 3, Isaac is 1

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The Need for Sleep

Last night was a long night. Isaac was running a fever and did not sleep well. I ended up sleeping in his bed right next to him to help in the effort. Both Isaac and I were up a good 3 hours during the night. In the morning he was tired, but fever free. He has been tired all day as have I. When I am super tired I tend to get massive headaches... and that's what happened today. Not my favorite thing. Teaching preschool with a massive headache is not for the faint of heart. I muddled through and ended up napping a little at the church while Isaac slept and Hannah played on the computer. That helped a little bit.

We had to drop the van off in Colfax. Our mechanic says it sounds like a wheel baring (sp?). So the whole unit will have to be replaced, but it will be done by tomorrow! Hooray! It also is not as expensive as it first may sound. Another positive to my day!

Tomorrow we will begin sorting through stuff to donate to the preschool rummage sale that will be held on Saturday. This will be quite a task, I am sure, as Hannah is much like her father. She wants to keep every scrap of cardboard or paper that she could someday use for a project. As the piles of things grow, I have to sneak stuff in the garbage and bury them so she can't find them. Even that doesn't work sometimes. She really is a lot like her daddy in that regard. Sigh.

I'm praying that sleep goes well for all tonight. That always makes the day so much better. I hold on to the hope for a wonderful day tomorrow, headache free!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Pictures of the Kids

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Sunday Stuff

Aaron did a fabulous job preaching today. I am proud to be his wife! The kids did not do nearly as well as their father. I'll let your mind walk down that path, but I'll just say that after worship I had to go get the vacuum cleaner. Good times!

The weather was nice enough this afternoon that we were able to play outside for awhile. I am trying to teach Isaac how to pump his feet on the swings. He is not terribly willing to do this. I think he knows that once he can pump, I won't have to push. Smart little guy. Eventually he will want to be like Hannah and then the competition to swing higher than his sister will set in and I wll be able to watch while sipping ice tea. What a lovely thought!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a crazy week. The van is acting up too, so that adds to the drama of a chaotic week. Hopefully it is nothing serious, but I will call the shop in the morning to see what can be done and when. Just another week in paradise!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictures from the Stock Show

Animals and Love

This morning we went to the St. John Stock Show. The kids were most excited about the chance to jump in the bouncy castle. This activity made me a tiny bit nervous because there were other wild kids jumping at the same time. I could go on about this, but that's for another day. Thankfully, Hannah and Isaac crawled out of the castle completely unscathed and happy with their jumping time. We moved on to see the pigs. They both liked the pigs, but didn't feel like getting to close. Isaac held onto my finger with a death grip and Hannah just didn't get to close to the pens. Some of the kids finished showing their swine and paraded into the barn with the large, oinky animals. This was a bit scary for both Hannah and Isaac and we quickly moved to the sheep. This was an uneventful barn and they got bored pretty quick. Onto the steer. Huge, massive beasts, all enjoying a morning nap. Not to much to see, but lots of piles to avoid!

It was fairly cold and windy so we spent most of the time inside, but we had to see the horses. There was a miniature horse that they both really liked. Some friends from church were there and let the kids pet the horses, bit it took a little time for Isaac to feel safe about this. He finally gave the horse a little pet and was done. He isn't as tough as he lets on! Hannah had no problems with touching the horses, in fact she wants to ride now! I'll try to get pictures posted in the next few days.

This afternoon we were able to go to the Open House for a couple at church who are celebrating 50 years of marriage. They are wonderful people, Mr. and Mrs. Huff. Isaac and Hannah adore them. Mr. Huff is in a electronic wheelchair which was the primary attraction I think. It was fun to see pictures of 50 years of life together. A true inspiration. It can be done, even in these times. Aaron and I only have about 40 years more to catch up with them!

Aaron is preaching at church in the morning. I always love listening to him deliver the Word of God. He has such a gift when it comes to teaching. He devours the words of the Bible and digs deep into the great theological minds of our time and of times before. I love to see him at work. I am truly blest to be married to a strong man of God, one with deep integrity and love of the truth. I think I can handle 40 plus more years with such a man!


I am amazed at the dreams children have. Sometimes they are so funny! The development of dreams as a child grows older also intrigues me. Here is just one example of the differences between a 5 year old nightmare and a 3 year old nightmare.

A few nights ago Hannah woke up crying quite hard. Aaron went up to see what the problem was. Hannah was quite sure that we had eaten Tiny, our cat, for dinner. Aaron reassured her that Tiny was alive and well, sleeping on the porch and she quickly fell back asleep. She talked about this dream the next day. She wanted to make sure that we were never going to eat our dear pet. She still remembers that imaginary meal.

Last night we both woke up to blood curdling screams from Isaac's room. I dashed out of bed and ran upstairs to make sure he was OK. He as lying sideways on his bed, eyes tight shut with tear streaming down his cheeks. I couldn' imagine was frightful thing he had been dreaming about. I picked him up and held him in my arms and said, "Isaac, what's wrong?" His answer gave me pause. "I was wanting pop,' he cried out through his tears. With a few lullabies sungs, rocking in the rocking chair and the promise of juice at breakfast, he was able to fall back asleep. At breakfast he wanted water. Go figure!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday is a long day

Friday is always a very long day. We leave the house around 7:15am and don't get home until about 6pm. Hannah has dance in Pullman at 4, so we do stuff in Pullman until then and after dance we make the trek home. Today I think I will pick up something for dinner on the way home. I have to grocery shop anyway.
Hannah and Isaac spent the moring with our babysitter, Amanda. I had conferences so they got to spend the morning together. They had fun tormenting each other and making lots of bubbles in the bathroom sink. Poor Amanda. She said having both of them in the bathroom at the same time is tricky! Tell me about it!
Isaac will enroll in preschool after next week. Amanda goes back to Spokane since WSU will be done. And since Isaac is fully potty trained, we thought we would give it a try! This could be very interesting. He is sure to add some comedy to the classroom.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Pictures

Me and my wonderful husband on Easter morning.

It was a beautiful morning!

The two men in my life!

Isaac and Aaron

Hannah and Daddy!

Let's Give This a Try!

I have just begun the journey of attempting a blog! My main purpose for this is to keep our long distance friends and family "in the know" about our daily life! What a great tool to keep people connected. Please be patient with me as I figure out just how to do all of this. I'll try to post pictures and update you on the crazy things Hannah and Isaac do. You will probably get to know my personal thoughts on relevant issues to our life and completely usless stuff too! So here I go! We'll give it a try!