Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decorating the Tree

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Mommy and Eli

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More Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Pictures

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Yes, I Married an Eagle Scout.

I don't take enough time to say good things about my husband.  He really is an incredible man.  He is a man who can do all kinds of things.  I never really thought about it much, but I am SOOOO glad God gave me an Eagle Scout to marry.  I think I would be fairly annoyed if my husband couldn't do some of the things he does.  He can build just about anything, and he always makes it heavy duty!  He can build an awesome snow fort in the freezing snow and wind because he knows the kids will love it.  I think he loves it too.  He shovels snow like no one else.  He makes sure our pathway to the van is always safe and clear.  He could make a fire from sticks if he had to.  He can clean up vomit off the floor and no one would ever know what had been there the next day.  He can change a tire in no time flat.  He changes the oil in the cars, checks the tire pressure, changes the headlights when they are out, puts new windshield wiper blades on and washes the windows at the gas station.  If he needed to get a second job to provide for our family, he wouldn't hesitate.  He reads to our children every night.  He can splice rope like no other (I think that's the term!).  If something is broken, he at least tries to fix it and most of the time he can.  He cut up a turkey today and crock potted it.  He can hunt and dress a deer.  He can even gather berries!  He can plant a tree and make sure it survives.  He has a green thumb in the garden and makes the best grilled cheese and hard boiled eggs.  He could take care of our family if the power was out for an extended amount of time.  I never worry about how our family will be taken care of because my husband is always prepared.  He is MY Eagle Scout and I love him so very much!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life With Children

Life with children is never boring.  Life with children is full of all kinds of surprises.  Like today, I went to a women's meeting at church over lunch.   The boys came along.  Did I get much out of the gathering... no... but I still made the effort to go.  Eli had a diarrhea poopy diaper, Isaac accidentally missed the toilet and peed all over the floor, Eli refused to nurse or nap, Isaac bounced all over on a big ball the whole time.  Never a dull moment.

My days and nights since Friday have been long.  I had a list of things to do, and that list got pushed aside.  Everything on my list moved to the back burner as I cared for my baby boy.  Fevers of 103-104, screaming in pain from his ears and tummy trouble from the antibiotic.  Very little sleep for baby and myself.  My other two were as understanding as a 4 and 6 year old can be.  Eli only wanted Mommy.  So that is what he got... Mommy.  At times I felt like screaming myself.  2am with a crying baby is hard ... hard for Mommy and baby.  We slept great last night, except the massive wind storm kept waking me up.  At least Eli slept better, and that is better for everyone. 

I like to plan, and most of the time plans work great.  But there are times that they just have to be pushed aside.  Slowly I am getting the house back in order after a long weekend of doing nothing except washing clothes covered in puke.  It will probably take all week to get back on track.  But Eli is back on track and that is what is most important.  

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Evil Word

Cancer.  It is a horrible word... One of our dear friends from church, a wonderful older lady that Hannah adores, was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  It is devastating.  She has been a faithful preschool volunteer and a light in anyone's day.  We love her dearly.  This will be difficult.  Hannah already knows that cancer is not a good thing... our Pastor's sister just died from breast cancer.  I have not told Hannah yet.  I will need to tell her tomorrow because it will come up at church during prayer time I am sure.  I hate cancer.

Other than this horrible news, my week has been excellent.  I have felt more normal than I have in a long time.  The kids LOVE their chore charts and it has really given me more time in my day. I am still helping them get it down right, but they really seem to have a sense of accomplishment and the allowance doesn't hurt either! 

There was one other hiccup in our week.  Eli has a massive ear infection.  He woke up with a 103.8 fever and I got him straight to the clinic.  I have no desire to ever see one of my children suffer from a seizure.  I pray I never have to see that.  Anyway, he has nasty ear infection and now on antibiotics.  Nothing new in our household.  I hope Eli doesn't go the way Hannah did with her ears.  Isaac has had one ear infection in his entire life... he just gets the lung stuff.  I'm glad we live in an age of good medicine!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've been thinking about veterans today, namely the men in my family who have served our country. (I would include the women, but none have served.)  I am proud to say that they have served in the military.  I know their service was not easy, my Dad was in Vietnam as was my uncle and father-in-law.  I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like... war.  I've seen my Dad choke up on several occasions when recalling his time there.  My cousin Bryan has served in Afghanistan.  I am proud of him and the wonderful things he has worked on during his time there.  I know he has seen horrible things too.  My Grandpa fought in World War II on the Pacific front.  He suffered lots of health problems from working on the clean-up after the bombs in Japan.  He was one of the proudest Marines I have ever known.  I am so very thankful for and proud of the strong men in my family and the family I married into.  So... thank you to all the veterans who have given so much to serve this country.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daylight Savings

Seriously, what is the point?  My children are totally messed up by the time change, especially Eli.  The poor little guy has big circles under his eyes, he is having trouble staying asleep because he is overtired and I am having trouble getting him to sleep.  Hopefully after a few more days he will be back on track, but YUCK right now.

Isaac has also had some difficulty with it.  He's been teary the last few days because he is tired.  He keeps waking up too early.  Then he doesn't want to nap and he fights it.  UGH.

Hannah is on normal sleep cycle now and isn't waking up before 6am... now if the other two could adjust. 

I liked falling back before I had children.  Now I just don't see the point.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting it Together

It's time to be honest.  I have had a rough fall.  I know most of it is hormonal and I am now pretty sure that I have been struggling with Postpartum Stress Syndrome.  It all kind of started when we moved, school started up, and Aaron became the commuter.  I knew it wasn't Postpartum Depression, because I am not depressed.  I am functioning very well but I have this feeling on inadequacy and a sense that I can't seem to accomplish anything.  In reality, that isn't true.  I accomplish a lot, but I have at times not seen this very well.  After doing some research about it and finding out that Postpartum Stress Syndrome exists (I had no idea) I have felt empowered to make some changes that have really helped me in this struggle.  Hannah and Isaac are old enough to do some more helping around the house, so I made chore charts with them.  This will ease my housekeeping load, and it really is good for them to contribute.  I have found they are cleaning up better after their play, because they don't want to have to take care of it when it is one of their chores.  They also don't have chores on Sunday as we endeavor to teach them about the Sabbath and they get a small allowance.  They will be tithing from their allowance and also learning how to save a percentage of their allowance.  I feel really good about this.  Hannah especially has taken to it and is so far quite excited about it.  I am also working at creating a schedule for my time, inputting the things that I need to get done and a time to do them.  I know this will have to be flexible, but it will help me feel like I have my thoughts organized and a plan.  Yes... I am a planner.  I am good at planning and organizing.  It is time to put that planning to good use for myself.

I have not shared my struggles with many.  Just my dear friend Ann and my husband... and this wasn't until recently.  While I am not a perfectionist, I have always felt like I need to be the strong one, whatever that means.  I have a strong husband, strong friends, and more importantly a STRONG God.  I have felt like sharing my sense of struggle would somehow make me weak.  I have changed my thinking.  Sharing my struggle doesn't make me weak or strong, it just makes me human.  It make me part of community.  I try to be there for people when they are struggling, I know they would support me in the same ways.  I have nothing to fear because I am safe in the arms of my loving God and the loving people he surrounds me with.

Having children is not an easy thing.  I LOVE my children more than anything.  Growing babies was not easy for me, many of you know my pregnancies were very hard.  This being my last baby has thrown me a few curve balls, partly because it is my last baby and that is a hard reality for me to accept.  I know my hormones are still out of alignment because I am always hot.  I mean burning hot.  I sleep with just a sheet when my husband needs 3 blankets.  I find myself wearing tank tops around the house when everyone else needs sweaters.  So it shouldn't surprised me that other things are slightly out of alignment too.

While I feel like things are on the upswing, that I have started to find tools that are helping me get back to a more normal me, I am still going to make an appointment with my Doctor.  Maybe some blood work will help narrow down what is off balance.  I thank you for your prayers.  I'll let you know how it all goes!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing in the Leaves

When we lived in Endicott, we had a few big tress that gave us a lot of fun fall leaves.  Each year we would play in the leaves and get some great pictures.  Our new house doesn't have these trees.  While it is nice to not have to worry about cleaning up the leaves, we do miss the fun they give.

Today, Isaac wanted to see if our Pastor's grand-dog wanted to play fetch.  After we picked Hannah up from school we headed over to the church, I had something I needed to finish up anyway.  Pastor wasn't home, so Milton couldn't play.  We decided to wait just a little bit to see if they would come home.  So we went to the front yard, and it was covered in beautiful yellow maple leaves.  Isaac and Hannah began piling the leaves with their hands.  I found a couple of rakes in the open garage and they began to rake, rake, rake.  I took Eli out of the backpack and put him in the leaves.  He sat for quite awhile just feeling the leaves I piled on him.  Then he let out a squeal and was crawling all over the yard, through the piles of raked leaves, up and down the gentle slope of the yard.  Isaac and Hannah were laughing, Eli was moving, and I was enjoying just playing with them.  For a moment I wished that I had my camera, but I am glad I didn't.  If I had had it I would have been looking for the perfect picture, trying to get the kids right where I wanted them to make the perfect memory.  Instead, I lived the perfect memory.  I love pictures of my kids, but sometimes the camera takes away from the moment. (I may take them back to get some leaf pictures.)  I had an amazing hour of pure fall fun with my children.  We laughed, we rolled on the ground, we got itchy from leaves and we ended with a snack of crackers, raisins and mini chocolate chips.  I am so glad I didn't have my camera... I might have missed something.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thinking About Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening is looking to be a bit on the tricky side.  Aaron has parent teacher conferences, so won't be home until late.  The kids have swim lessons.  No big deal... right?  Hannah goes first.  Isaac has to wait 35 minutes until his turn comes around.  They overlap about 10 minutes.  All this goes on during our normal dinner time, and Eli is not very good at waiting for his dinner.  Hannah gets done and we have to wait 25 minutes for Isaac to finish.  Normally Aaron and I tag team and it works fairly well.  But I will be on my own.  I have a plan that I am hoping and praying works.  The baby backpack will come in very handy, as will an early dinner for Eli.  Hopefully all will go smoothly and we will leave the swimming pool triumphant. 

Isaac had a moment today.  We were shopping at Rite Aid, as I am loving their up rewards program.  He was looking at some alluring bubble bath with cartoon characters on them and one tipped over, breaking open and spilling on the floor.  It was an accident, nothing more.  I told him we needed to find someone who worked at the store so it could be cleaned up so that no one would fall.  He broke into tears and cried, "Mommy, I'm so scared!"  Poor little guy.  He felt terrible about it.  I reassured him and we found a lady who worked their.  She was fabulous and helped comfort Isaac.  I love nice people. 

The kids and I are getting close to being fully recovered from this nasty cold.  Isaac is off his antibiotic and Hannah made it through this cold without a secondary infection!!!!  The surgery must of done the trick.  Thanks be to God! We have been praying for an answer to this chronic illness problem of Hannah's and I think our prayer has been answered.  Hannah seems to be quite happy about not needing to see the Dr. and get meds.  I'm sure she feels soooo much better.

So, all is well in Pullman.  The house is messy, but not as messy as it was this morning.  Another load of laundry is done.  No more cooking for the night.  All of the kids are in bed and asleep... I think.  Aaron is snoring in the recliner.  I am sitting at the computer in my lounging clothes.  I'm getting ready to set things out for the morning.  Life is good.