Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Greatest Kids Ever

Lots of love in our house!

Eli fell asleep in his chair... he has now decided the
chair is the only place to nap.

Isaac at his school musical.  He did great!

Monster trucks saving the world from the dinosaur invasion.

Early morning reading.  I love moments like these!
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It's really been quite a long time since I sat down to write anything here.  Honestly, I couldn't think of anything to write.  It's not that nothing is happening, it's just that when I sat down to write, I didn't really feel like it.  Nothing really came to mind.

Anyway, life is good.  The kids are healthy and growing.  They are learning and loving it.  Aaron and I are both near the end of the school year... it came quickly.  Summer is around the corner and we are very excited.  We have some possibilities of change coming up... just possibilities right now.  We will see what plans God has for us.

Really we are just plugging right along.  The big news is that Eli 100% fully day time potty trained!!!  He can even go into the bathroom all by himself and take care of business.  Aim is an issue, but he's a boy.  Most mornings he wakes us dry, but I'm not ready to go for nighttime potty training yet.  I'm very pleased with daytime success!!!

We are looking forward to a fun summer with lots of fishing, some camping, time in Minnesota, meeting cousins we haven't met yet, enjoying the harvest from our blueberry bushes, watching to see what our grapevines will do and maybe a little boating with my parents.

Hannah and Isaac start swimming lessons in just a few weeks.  They are everyday for 2 straight weeks, and this instructor doesn't mess around.  I'm looking forward to seeing the results.  It's going to be a crazy two weeks... but we'll make it!