Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eli Today

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Trying for a Group Picture...

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Tomorrow is the Day

Well, tomorrow I officially start back to work. I'll be busy in the classroom. I went in on Saturday to work in the classroom, get things ready. Aaron and the kids came along. Aaron had to practice his sermon for Wednesday night and Isaac and Hannah watched a movie in the nursery. Eli decided not to sleep... at all. It took me 4 hours to get done what I can usually do in about 45 minutes. This is not going to be easy. I left yesterday feeling more than a little bit overwhelmed. And since Eli didn't sleep he was overtired and extremely fussy when we finally got home. I am praying the week is easier than this weekend. Yuck. If we lived in Pullman it would be so much easier. My job involves so much that has to be done on site. It's not work that can be done at home. I REALLY WANT TO MOVE.
To add to my feeling of being overwhelmed, Aaron will be gone for 3 days at the end of next week. I just can't think about it right now or I might scream. Maybe by then I will have adjusted to the new schedule and way of things and be just fine. I'm praying that is the case.
It has just been an emotional couple of days... getting use to someone else caring for Eli in the mornings, figuring out a new time management system, taking the step to never have children again, lack of sleep, and two children testing boundaries at every corner. I need strength and endurance for this race.
In other news, we have some daffodils just about ready to bloom! Spring is here! I can't wait to see those beautiful yellow flowers blooming against our house. I love it! Hannah is just about ready to lose her third tooth... she talks about it about 100 times a day. She can't wait for it to fall out. Isaac is very happy that I will again be his teacher. Maybe he will be back to his nice self (he's been a major stinker). Eli is sleeping great today, which means he will sleep great tonight. He is grinning and rolling over like it's an Olympic sport. My hormonal headaches are becoming fewer, which is great. Aaron gets to preach on Wednesday night at the Lenten service... he is very excited.
And that's that!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Day

Day two with the babysitter went fairly well. Eli certainly prefers Mommy, Alex will just need to figure out how he likes to be comforted, held... it will just take a little bit of time. I'm glad I am doing these three days ahead of classroom time to adjust to the new schedule. It gives me greater peace of mind. I'm sure Alex will do a wonderful job caring for Eli. He is such an easy little guy to love!

Hannah has these two days off from school because of the state basketball tournament, so she came along with me and was going to be with Eli and the babysitter. Turns out that Pullman didn't have school either, so her great friend Maysen was home. Maysen's little brother is in my class and they asked Hannah to come over to play. Hannah had the greatest time! She loves spending time with Maysen. I love seeing her build good friendships with such great kids!

After preschool we went to lunch at McDonalds with preschool friends. The kids had a fabulous time and I loved having time to chat with my friends. Life is good!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Glad It's Only Part Time

I went back to work today... I didn't really work. I did have a meeting with my sub for maternity leave to get caught up on things. I did a tiny bit of organizing, but mostly I spent time with Eli and our babysitter. I think she will do a great job of caring for Eli, but it is hard to watch someone else try and figure out how to meet the needs of your baby. I know she will learn his cues and do just fine, but no one can take care of a baby like Mommy can. I am so glad I only work part time. I COULD NOT be away all day. I wouldn't do it. 3 hours a day seems like too much right now! Eli is my only baby that I did not stay home full time with. Isaac was 16 months when I began teaching and Hannah was 3. So this will be new for me.

I had a conversation with a good friend about the reality of having no more children. She too is struggling with this. As Eli grows and changes the reality that he is my last hits hard. My friend's youngest starts Kindergarten next year. That will be a tough moment for me too.

So today was a day of changes and reality. I'm doing fine, no tears, just worries. I come from a long line of worriers. Tomorrow will be the same. Now that I think about it, everyday as a parent is much like this... full of change and a sense of reality... and a day full of worries about your children. At times like this, I rest in knowing the God is control of my life and the lives of my children. It does not good to worry about any of it. God has given Aaron and I our children and will give us the strength and ability to deal with the changes and realities of daily life with them. I praise God for the beauty of Hannah, Isaac and Eli. God is SOOOO good!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wild Rice Soup

Right now I have dinner in the crock pot, dessert made, both boys napping, some stuff done for preschool and a few moments to myself! So far, so good. We are having our neighbors over for dinner so I am making up some delicious wild rice soup and a very healthy apple-rhubarb crisp for dessert.

I was suppose to ease back into work today, working in the office getting paper stuff done and allowing for the babysitter and Eli to get to know each other with me readily available. Eli got shots yesterday and was pretty fussy and irritable, not like him at all. So I decided to wait a day and then head in tomorrow to start back to work. I love flexibility! Eli has actually had a pretty good morning and is back to his smiley little self. He did alright during the night, but I was still tired from restless sleep. I'm glad we stayed home today.

Hannah has learned to tie her shoes! We didn't press the issue because I don't think there is any point to push it until a child has the fine motor skills to perform the task without frustration... and Hannah gets frustrated very easily. So we didn't push the issue with her and Velcro has always been great. Well, her feet grew and unless I wanted to spend over $20 on a pair of shoes for her she was going to have to learn to tie her shoes. We bought the tie shoes for $12 and went home. It took her 5 minutes and she was a pro at tying her new purple shoes! It was a very proud moment for her and I was so happy it came with such ease.

I always wonder why some people push their children to master tasks that they don't have the foundational skills to do. It only causes frustration on both sides and can cause great emotional anxiety for the child who feels like they are letting the person down. How much easier and wonderful it is for children to wait until they are ready. Just my opinion.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Eli's 2 month stats

Well... When Eli left the hospital less than 48 hours old, he weighed 7lbs 6 oz., 4oz. under his birth weight. Now, 2 months later he has gained 5 whole pounds!!! He weighs in at 12lbs. 6oz.! He has also growing 2.5 inches for a total of 23 inches! Such a strong and healthy little boy! He also decided to perform and turned from tummy to back 3 times in a row at the clinic!

Isaac came along with us and was an excellent listener and showed the Dr. just how fast his new shoes were. Pretty cute! He did plug his ears during shots, but Eli only cried for a short time. He is a bit fussy this afternoon. I was reminded this morning just how "fun" it is to try and give an infant Motrin. Hopefully enough got in his system to help with the sure to come fever and aches. So, I'm ready for a cuddly afternoon!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Months Old!

Our beautiful Eli turned 2 months old yesterday. WOW!
He rolled over from his tummy to his back this morning!
What a big boy! Stats to come after his check up on Monday.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It Was Worth It

What a day... and it's only half over.

A dear man in our community passed away on Valentine's Day, a man very special to Hannah and Isaac. They loved getting rides on his lap in his wheelchair. Mr. Huff was an extraordinary man. He will be greatly missed. When Hannah found out he had died, she cried and cried. She drew him a good bye picture and made a special card for Mrs. Huff. It was very sweet.

So, I thought it best to attend his memorial service. This morning it hit me that I would be doing this by myself with three children. Hmmm... was this really a good idea?

The service began at 11am, so we got Hannah out of school and headed to the church. It was full, so we sat in the balcony, I should have chose the cry room. We sat in the front pew on the balcony and the whole service I had to keep Isaac from climbing over the railing. When he would get in trouble he would give me these wanna be puppy dog eyes. Like that was going to help ease the situation. It only got worse when Eli needed to nurse. When the first speaker was finished, Isaac yelled, and I do mean yelled, "Done!" UGH! But we made it through fairly intact and went to the luncheon. The kids did fine with that and enjoyed the yummy food. Then it came time to leave and panic hits me as I have NO IDEA where my keys are. Aaron would just shake his head at me. I had left my purse at home so I would have one less thing to keep track of, but I usually put my keys in my purse. After searching with no luck, I walked the kids home to get the spare key and walked back to the van. Eli was is his car seat carrier and that got very heavy going uphill. We got Hannah back to school, she missed art because of the key fiasco. She kept moaning about missing art because Mommy lost the keys. I told her she wasn't helping the situation. After dropping her at school we went back to the church to look more and I found them under the pew cushion. At least they were found.

So, while it was an adventure, Hannah got to say good bye to a very special man and I learned to choose pants with pockets.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As I type, Isaac is in the midst of a screaming tantrum up in his room. What is the cause? He is tired and does not want to take a nap. This is not an option today seeing that we will not be home from church tonight until around 9pm. He NEEDS a nap today. Maybe the screaming will wear him out.

We had a wonderful long weekend in Yakima. I enjoyed being able to watch some of the winter Olympics and I even got some shopping in with my sister. Aaron and I went to see Sherlock Holmes while my folks babysat... Eli took a bottle just fine! We came back to a very clean house because we had to leave it ready to show. I LOVE coming home to a clean house. It is one of my favorite feelings!

Still no news on the house. I keep watching things in Pullman so we are ready when this one does sell. Trying to be patient. The drive to Pullman 6 days a week can get old.

It seems as though spring has arrived. Our trees are showing new growth and the flowers are peeking out of the ground. Our lawn is beginning to green up and my flower beds are calling out for attention. We have had such a mild winter... nothing like the last two. Now we will be getting ready for the rain. Mud, mud and more mud! Isaac will love that!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Kiddo Pictures

Beautiful Hannah!

Messy-face Isaac!

Happy little Eli!

It's official... we have another redhead!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Great Day

Today was an all around great day, night and day different than yesterday! I woke up feeling like I had enough rest. Eli woke up with smiles. Isaac was a great listener while I got my haircut. I had good adult conversation with Rachell while getting my haircut and we stopped to visit Sue after my haircut (which she said looked great)! I made a delicious lunch from last night's leftovers and Isaac took a great nap. I haven't had a headache all day which is great. My Doctor assures me that they are hormonal headaches during the postpartum time and they will most likely subside. In the meantime I treat them with Excedrin or Tylenol. Sometimes these headaches have been migraine strength. YUCK! I was so happy not to have them today. After Hannah got home from school I spent some good time with her writing and then we had a yummy dinner. All three kids are asleep and Aaron is back at school to get things done, so I have a quiet house. Ahhhhh...

Oh, one super gross and nasty thing from the day. Our cat Tiny is a great mouser. She left a gift at both doors for us today. When we got home from my haircut, there was this HUGE dead mouse at the door which she playfully threw in the air for us to show us what a wonderful cat she is. I thought it was a rat it was so big. So gross. Later she was wanting to come in at the front door and there was a remnant of another mouse. Sick. When we left to pick up Hannah from school the HUGE mouse no longer had a head and the guts were spread out all over the sidewalk, blood and all. DISGUSTING. Tiny was so proud. She was prancing around the grossness in a display of immense feline pride. Aaron was so thoughtful to take care of the nasty stuff when he got home. Isaac enjoyed watching as Aaron buried the remains. I wasn't sure I wanted to let the cat inside lest she sneak in some of her prize. YUCK.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hormones... Ugh

Today I had a major flash of postpartum hormone stuff. I am not typically a person who cries a lot. Every once in awhile I do, but not a lot. So my hormones must really be out of whack. Eli's shirt is a little small and I start to get all teary eyed because I know I will never have a baby this small again. Believe me, if I didn't get so sick while pregnant I would have more children. I think I would be willing to take as many as God would give us. I LOVE being a mommy and the more the merrier in my mind. BUT, I don't do so great at pregnancy, so we are done. This was cause for much emotion today. It is always hard for me, but I usually don't cry about it. Not so today.

Then, I had a huge mood swing and became a bit on the manic side. I had to have Isaac play quietly and I just sat and rocked Eli trying to keep calm. My hair was in my face and I just about decided to cut it myself... I chose the smarter route and pinned it back. I think may have had something to do with the onset of a massive headache, also caused by hormone. Thankfully Aaron got home and was able to help out a little bit while I returned to a more normal state of being. Don't worry, I didn't weird out or anything, but I felt very manic inside. I don't like that feeling at all.

I am also praying hard that Eli rolls over and laughs for the first time before I go back to work. I really am afraid that I will miss those firsts... another cause for tears today.

Will tomorrow be any better? I am getting a haircut, that should help!