Monday, October 3, 2011

Eli Pictures

Eyeball on a platter anyone?

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This little guy is just as cute as can be... he also has no fear and thinks everything is funny!  He is experimenting with tantrums.  It really is kind of funny to watch.  He screams and stomps his feet super fast.  Most of the time I tell him that tantrums are not allowed, he says "OK" and stops.  Sometimes however he keeps going and ends up sitting in the orange chair where he promptly stops the tantrum and seems to forget what was going on.  He is off doing something else.  The attention span of a 21 month old.

He is talking more and more, using lots of phrases and repeating everything we say.  Note to self... he is repeating everything I say... watch my tongue!  He has a deep and abiding love of dinosaurs.  He likes to watch BBC dinosaur shows.  He loves dinosaurs book and stickers.  He dreams about dinosaurs too, he tells me about them when he wakes up. 

Eli gives the great tight hugs and loves to hug Aaron and I at the same time.  In fact, he will always interrupt a Mommy Daddy hug to join in on the snuggle.  He loves is siblings and asks for them when they aren't around.  He wrestles with them and brings books to them so they will read to him. 

Our life with Eli is busy, but wonderful.  He helps fill our days with laughter, love, snuggles and fun.  I can't imagine life without this crazy little boy!  Thank you God for our busy toddler and his zeal for life!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am very happy to say, that within a few days of cracking down, my two oldest children were back to their normal selves!  We did a lot of talking and I did a lot of positive reinforcement for the behaviors we like to see.  Everyone was a lot happier in our house and that is the way we like it!

We have a few medical issues on the horizon... blech.  Hannah's stride is not right, so we need to see if it is something that will correct itself as she grows or if we need to do something about it.  Eli is now short one ear tube.  Isaac is scheduled to see a dermatologist because he doesn't sweat adequately.  We're hoping to get all this taken care of in this calendar year. 

October is a busy and fun month and I LOVE the fall!  The cool weather, the amazing colors, pumpkins, leaves, cornstalks, the fields... everything!  I made pumpkin spice muffins tonight and they are the perfect taste of fall.  The kids love these muffins too, so all 18 should be devoured by tomorrow night.  The trick is using spelt flour.  Perfect.