Saturday, March 26, 2011

No Rest for the Weary

Poor little Eli is down and out again.  His cough returned and his sinuses are is nasty shape along with goopy draining out of his ear.  At least the tubes are working!!!  So we went into the clinic this morning.  He was given a shot of antibiotic (thank goodness, I don't think he would have taken the oral) and some phenegren to help him rest.  He also has about 6 teeth trying to come through.  This little guy is feeling miserable.  He napped well with the meds and he was a bit more perky this afternoon.  So before bedtime I gave him Ibuprofen and he nursed.  He fell asleep and promptly woke up puking.  Great.  I have no idea how much of the ibuprofen was absorbed.  It was down 15-20 minutes so I can't re dose him.  I clean him and myself up and give him the suppository to help now with the vomiting and help him sleep.  About 15 minutes later he gives me the poopy grunt and I take him to the toilet and he has diarrhea.  So I have no idea if the phenegren will even help.  This could be an interesting 6 hours until I can re dose everything.  At least the antibiotic was a shot!

I'm feeling much better.  I'm eating normally again and have most of my energy back.  Yippee!

Hannah and Isaac started swim lessons again this morning.  They did quite well and are enjoying it!  We are getting ready for a visit from Mimi Marci.  We are all excited for her to come.  Hopefully we will have a germ free house.  Isaac's birthday party will be on April 1 in the morning.  he chose an owl party.  He really likes the move "The Guardians a Ga'Hoole."  We got the movie for him for his birthday and a beanie baby of the hero owl Soren.  I've had to be creative in figuring out just how to do an owl party, but I've figured it out!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Believe it or not, I am down with the flu.  Felt great last night, just a little tired.  Then about 1am, the pukes hit.  Aaron asked, is it a bug or something I ate.  I had no idea.  Then through the monitor we heard Eli puke.  Most certainly a bug.  I was hoping it was a quick 12 hour deal, but I am still down with a 101.8 fever.  Eli is fine.  No fever, no more pukes, just a little grumpy and tired.  Aaron went off to school, but by 7:30am I knew there was no way I was going to make it through the day taking care of the boys.  I could hardly move.  Thankfully the school found a sub for Aaron, and he was able to come home.  I slept, and slept and slept.  I was able to keep some Tylenol down, so the aches aren't so bad at the moment.  This morning even my fingernails hurt.  Aaron is staying home tomorrow too.  What a good man!

I haven't been this sick in quite a long time.  It is a good reminder to why we chose not to have any more children.  The pukes remind me too much of my pregnancies!  No... I AM NOT PREGNANT.  The fever proves it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can This Be Over?

I feel like I am constantly nursing a sick child.  Eli is doing great, but now Hannah is sick again.  She has a deep cough and yucky nose.  I'm praying it stays out of her ears or she will also be getting tubes... we probably should have had that done for her some time ago.  I am ready for warm weather and healthy children.  Hannah and Isaac start up swimming lessons again on Saturday.  I would hate for Hannah to miss her first session.  She would be devastated. 

I am feeling like I am ready for spring break.  I week at home just to BE.  I'm looking forward to extra time with the kids and no pressing schedule.  (I am just tired.  Taking care of sick children takes a lot of energy.)  My Mother-in-law will be here.  We always have a good time with her!  Aaron's spring break doesn't match up with ours, he gets the next week off, but he will be spending a lot of that helping my parents move here. 

Anyway, please say a prayer for Hannah.  We are hopeful that it is just a cold.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eli Update

We are back from the follow up appointment with our Doctor.  Eli is still making a good amount of bronchial noises, but he is breathing through them and his coughing is doing a good job of clearing stuff.  He is done with his antibiotic so we will wait to see if he improves or not before putting him on another one.  No fever right now, but he wasn't looking all that great when we headed off to the Dr.  He is also working on some molars, so that just adds to the poor little guy's issues.  Anyway, we are in a holding pattern as we wait to see what his lungs are going to do.  Prayers are appreciated!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This time change thing has really done me in this year.  I can't seem to get in the groove, neither can the kids.  I just am dragging from it.  Why do "they" insist on this anyway?  What exactly is the point now?

Eli sees the Dr. tomorrow as a follow up to all the crazy stuff last week.  He still has a nasty cough, and today I thought it might be a little worse.  I don't know for sure.  Although, from 3:30pm on he would not let me put him down.  I finally put him in the backpack while I made dinner and he was mostly happy with that.  He is pushing through a molar.  One point is through.  I think a few other molars are on their way too.  He keeps spitting out his meds.  This is new.  He has always taken them quite well.  This time it is a battle and usually a BIG mess.  Tomorrow morning is his last dose of antibiotic... at least for that round.  I'm curious to see how the check up goes.  He just isn't his normal self yet.

My parents have found a great house here in Pullman.  It is just across the street from the church, my workplace.  They will move in on April 15.  It is coming quickly and we are all quite excited for it.

Isaac is busy trying to figure out what he wants to do for his 5th birthday party.  So many ideas...  We will have to narrow it down soon because he turns 5 in less than a month!  That doesn't seem possible. 

Hannah is excited for an upcoming birthday party she was invited to this Friday night.  It is an almost sleepover, just like her party was.  It is for a set of twins, so it is double the fun!  She feels very old and grown up these days.  Isaac doesn't take to that all too well at times!

I am over 250 miles on my bike.  I didn't get as much time on it last week, but Eli took priority.  In the past two days I have gone 19 miles, so I'm feeling good about it.  Alas, I am not losing much weight, but I am toning up.  I am happy with this, although a few pounds shed would be encouraging as well.  I know I am not drinking enough plain water... I need to improve on that and it will make a difference. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All is Well

The surgery was quick and easy and everything went quite well.  It took a little time for Eli to come out of it, but he is back to himself.  Thanks for all the prayers for him!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tubes for Eli

Despite the fact that Eli is running a slight fever, he will be getting tubes in the morning.  Please pray that it goes well and especially that tonight goes well.  He doesn't sleep well when he isn't feeling great and he wants to nurse to be comforted and get back to sleep.  Well, he can't eat anything after midnight tonight.  This could be tricky.  He is not going to be happy if he wakes.  So, please pray for an excellent night's sleep for our little guy.