Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Break

Our first week of break has been eventful!  We started out with Eli's ear tube surgery and a day of taking it easy... not so easy with a busy 2 year old!  We made another special dinosaur cake to have on the evening of his real birthday!  He loved it.

We moved on to a having some friends over for a morning and we made graham cracker Christmas huts (cheap and easy gingerbread houses) and made red and green play dough.  It was great fun.  Hannah and I went Christmas caroling with a group from church.  Hannah found this to be a wonderful experience.  She was so sweet and sang out the carols! 

Last night we went down to Lewiston to see the big light display.  It was amazing!  Eli was in heaven.  He loves Christmas lights, and he just couldn't get enough!  Hannah and Isaac thought it was amazing too.  It was quite cold though, so we didn't stay as long as we had hoped.

Tonight we went to a fun Christmas party as a house of a good friend from church.  Hannah was very excited to wear a beautiful dress.  Isaac was just excited to go to a party and Eli wanted to make sure he was going where Mommy was going.  It was a fun time and Eli was in his glory, finding yummy snacks, trying to blow out candles, passing out the holiday coasters that looked like big peppermints and sitting by the fire that was "nice and warm."  Hannah and Isaac drew beautiful pictures and chatted with people they knew.

Tomorrow will be fun with Christmas Eve festivities at my parent's house and then church in the evening.  The kids will be opening a special gift before church, their new Christmas clothes.  They will also get their Christmas pajamas to wear that night.  Such fun! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Eli's Birthday Party

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Resting at Home After Surgery

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My Baby is 2!

Everyone says that children grow up fast... and with my third, it has gone faster and faster.  Almost the blink of an eye.  It seems impossible that it was two years ago that Eli was born.  He has been and continues to be a precious gift wrapped up in a huge amount of energy!  I love this little guy so much... my third baby that I really didn't think we would ever have.  God is so very good!

For his 2nd birthday, we gave him a new set of ear tubes.  Almost to the minute, two years later, the same Dr. that delivered him was giving him new tubes.  Everything went very well and he just about back to normal now.  We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with good friends and family.  He loved his dinosaur cake.  I'll be posting pictures soon.  He was surrounded by most of his favorite people and he got to skype the next day with those who couldn't be with us.  All of my children are blessed with many people who love them deeply, again, God is so very good!

Some of my favorite things about Eli lately...  when he wants to be held he says, "Eli hold Mommy."  He likes is "nuggle" time.  He loves Christmas carols and likes to sing along.  He is amazing at putting things together.  I think he has some pretty good dance moves.  He is happy.  He gives slobbery kisses.  He is 90% potty trained during the daytime.  He adores his big sister and big brother.  He has beautiful hair, just like his Daddy.  He runs everywhere he goes.  He likes to put his "Papa Ken" cowboy boots one all by himself.  These are just to name a few. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coffee with Wonder Woman

Tonight I am sipping coffee from my Wonder Woman mug... given to me by my wonderful Mom and Dad.  I love this mug.  It makes me smile.  Sometime I wish I was Wonder Woman, but I'm not.  I find that when I try to be, when I try to succeed in my own strength, I fail miserably.  I was never meant to do it on my own.  Instead, the joy of the Lord is my strength.  He lifts me and carries me and gives my His strength.  When I am resting in him, that is when something wonderful and amazing happens.  Why can't I remember this all the time???

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sitting on Santa's Horse, Shadow

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Here Comes Santa Claus

Waiting for Santa to arrive.

And here he comes... Palouse style!

It was very exciting to see Santa on an Appaloosa! 
 Eli kept calling the horse a donkey, silly boy!

Hannah was the only one who wanted to sit on Santa's lap... this is the first year she has wanted to.

Aaron surprised us this morning and took us to the Appaloosa Horse Museum for a fun morning with Santa!  The kids loved it.  They made cards, sat on saddles, sat on Shadow (Santa's horse), decorated horse shaped sugar cookies and ate yummy treats.  It was a good morning on the Palouse!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Love My Daughter

The other day, Hannah was talking to me about a friend of hers and she referred to her friend as the "tiny" person.  I asked her what that meant, and she said that her friend was short.  I talked with her about being careful with name calling, that referring to her friend as "tiny" might hurt feelings.  She looked at me with a blank look.  Now, Hannah is tall.  So I asked her what she would feel if someone called her a "big" girl.  Another blank stare.  She said with a huge smile, "I am a big girl."  Her innocence and confidence brought a sense of joy to my heart.  I hope she is always proud of being a big girl!  I hope her confidence never waivers. Even though I'm sure she was referring to the fact that she is almost 8, I know she has no second thoughts on her appearance. 

I know, being from good German blood, that Hannah will not be petite.  She will be tall like most of my family.  I was never petite.  In high school I was quite thin, but never saw myself in that light.  I always saw myself as a "big" girl, like that's a bad thing.  I look back at pictures now and just sigh.  I was tall and thin.  In some areas of my life I have always been confident, but not in my appearance... the curse of the American girl.  I am so happy that Hannah is confident in herself, in her appearance.  I want to do all that I can to help her keep that confidence, not to be overwhelmed with the feeling that she has to look a certain way, or weigh a certain weight.  I want her to remain self assured of who she is, the beautiful person God has created her to be!

I know that part of helping her remain confident, is showing her my confidence in myself.  Yikes.  But of all the things that could motivate me to find my own sense of confidence, Hannah is by far the best motivation I could ever have.  Yes, I am a big girl.  I am tall. I have the hips that successfully delivered three babies and I will never look like I did in high school... pregnancy, childbirth and age will do that.  I do want to be in better shape, and taking care of my body is important.  I strive to be in better shape, but it should not define who I am... where my confidence lies.  I strive to find my strength and my confidence in the knowledge that I am created by a loving God who has wonderful plans for me, who made me and shaped me just the way I am.  I pray that I can show just that to Hannah everyday, and that God will show it to me!

I love my daughter!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weaning Weekend

Yep.  This is the weaning weekend.  Some of you may be surprised that Eli is still nursing, but I nursed all my children on demand until they were 18 months and then began the slow wean.  I am an extended breastfeeder and proud of it!  I don't really ever bring it up because I get a little tired of the weird looks I get... only in our culture.  Anyway, this next weekend is weaning weekend.  Eli turns 2 in December, and I have had all the kids weaned by the time they turned two.  I think Eli will be the most difficult.  I have told him that this is the last week and we are counting down.  Really he only nurses before bed and in the morning.  Bedtime will most likely be the most difficult for him.

I am having mixed emotions about this.  In the past 8 years, I have spent 6 of them nursing my children.  This will mark the end of a significant era in my life.  In one way I am ready to be done, in another way I just want to hold on.  But, I know it is time and it will be good.  It just is a BIG marker that means all my children are becoming more independent.  All in all, I am more excited about this than not, but I'm sure it will be a weekend of mixed emotions.  So this week, my last nursing sessions with Eli will be extra special, full of much love and many cuddles.

I'll let you know how it goes.  I'm praying Eli is ready and it goes well!