Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't had a lot of extra energy lately to post, but I feeling good enough today, so I'll try to put it all in a nutshell. We are happily expecting Baby #3! I am just over 9 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing great. Me... not so great. I now have a PICC line and Home Health to get me through at least the first half of this pregnancy. Hyperemesis is no fun at all. The good news is that for the last 3 days (including today) I am feeling pretty good. My goal is to end the weight loss by the end of this week and hopefully, maybe, gain a pound or two... or more by the end of the first trimester. My Dr. would be quite happy with that since all I have been doing is dropping pounds. Anyway, my med. cocktail seems to be working well and I am surviving. My Mom has been here for over a week and my Mom-in-law comes this Sunday to help out. I have such great Moms!
Hannah and Isaac have been enjoying Mimi time very much, which makes it easier for me. I don't feel so bad that I am unable to take care of them right now. They are very excited to have a new baby in the house. Isaac keeps thinking it will be tomorrow, but that tomorrow is a long ways away! Hannah said in the van yesterday, "I think one addition to the family is enough." I said, "What if the baby is a boy?" (She really is hoping for a girl). She replied after a long pause, "Well, I'll love it anyway." Too cute! Of course Isaac is hoping for a boy, but I'm sure he has no real understanding of what a new baby will mean! He has been enjoying snuggle time with Mommy every morning and other times of the day. He needs his snuggle quota filled, and it can only be Mommy!
I wasn't able to work last week, but I went in yesterday and made it through just fine. I wasn't my normal bundle of energy, but the preschoolers were great! Friday is the last day and I have 3 moving onto Kindergarten, including Hannah. Time certainly flies! we have a closing program and graduation on Friday evening. I'm looking forward to that... always a good time!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ready for Summer

This cold weather is getting to be too much for us. Today is rainy and very, very windy. I would take the kids out anyway, but they have been sick and so have I. I would really like some nice weather... maybe that would kill all the germs. The kids are going crazy inside and there really is no place to go here in Endicott. Summer weather can't come soon enough!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feeling Yucky

The kids both caught colds and I seem to have been blessed with it too. Ugh. I was really hoping the season af sickness was over. Isaac ends up getting really croupy at night when he has a cold, which means little sleep for him and for me. He did alright last night. We had the humidifier go all night in his room and it helped a lot. Hannah is just tired and not very active. This cold seems to be going around preschool and is very short lived, so I am hopeful!
I am enjoying these last days of preschool, but am also looking forward to this summer. We have lots of fun stuff planned, including a get away for me and my girlfriends from college. We will be gone 6 days and 5 nights to Big Bear, CA! I am super excited to spend such a nice amount of time with such great friends... and kid free! This will be the longest I have been away from Hannah and Isaac, but I'm sure they will be just fine in able hands.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Recital

Needless to say, the kids had a great time dancing the night away! Isaac was the 4th group to dance and they were all full of enormous energy. They danced to "Mr. Roboto." They had the entire audience doubling over with laughter. This is a class full of little hams. Half way through the routine, Issac saw something on the floor, stopped dead in his tracks to investigate. It was a cover plate for something. He pulled it up to take a look inside and was happy. He then continued on with his dance. I really don't have the words to describe the dance, but it was wonderful and everyone was smiling and laughing.
Hannah was in heaven! She was in group #17. She had a huge smile on her face the entire time and she loved being a dancing partner with Sophie. They did so well! They were very proud of themselves and didn't miss a single step. Hannah said her favorite part was "all of it." So I know she had a spectacular time. She was also quite the commentator on all of the other dances. Too funny!
We got home about 9pm and we were all very tired, but it was a great evening!

Hannah and Sophie

This is a great picture of Hannah and one of her
best friends Sophie. They tapped together to
"What I Like About You."

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Rockin' to the 80's

The pictures of them on stage aren't very good, it was dark and we couldn't get very close. They both had a lot of fun and were very happy on stage!
Isaac and his class.
Hannah and Sophie

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Ready for the Recital

Hannah and Isaac have their dance recital tomorrow night. Tonight we have a dress rehearsal in Pullman. Papa Ken will be here tonight, so he is coming early enough to see the dress rehearsal. The kids a very excited. Isaac so far has run all over the stage, grinning from ear to ear, not really doing what he is suppose to, but completley in his element... wide open spaces with people watching and laughing. He couldn't be happier! Hannah gets to dance with one of her very best friends, Sophie. It is just the two of them and they also have huge grins on their face. Their's is a tap routine. The entire recital is to 80's music... I love it and Aaron will too!
I'll be sure to post pictures after the big event. It's sure to be great fun.

Cheepy Birds

This is Hannah and Isaac's new favorite game. I actaully enjoy them playing cheepy birds. It is failry quiet and low key... not alot of running like crazy children around the house. And these cheepy birds are amazing, capable of spectacular feats. They even killed a bear with their little beaks! And because they are cheepy birds, they only say cheep, a sweet little quiet like cheep. Just about anything they can fit their bottoms into has become a nest. Typically they take turns being the cheepy bird and the other person is the owner who feeds the bird and puts the bird to bed. So far the cheepy birds have never gotten in trouble (so I'm assuming the owner role is not based on Mommy or Daddy!). They become so transformed by the role that sometimes they forget to become human again. Like last night at dinner. Isaac cheeped our table prayer for dinner. Holding back the laughter, we explained to him that he needed to be a little boy at the table. I can't imagine what his plate would look like if he tried to eat like a cheepy bird! So he was Isaac for dinner time. When he was finished eating, he promptly returned to his nest and began cheeping! Very cute!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Victor Spider Traps

Where we live, these wonderful spider traps are a necessity. These are the best spider traps out there, and I have tired many kinds. Today these spider traps proved to be one of the most amazing things around in our age. I put new traps out last week so they were fresh and ready for to be filled with spiders (yuck). I place them by each of the basement windows, very strategic on my part. Aaron came upstairs today and said "You'll never guess what your spider trap caught." I was ready to see a monster spider and giggle inside with sheer glee that it was dead and stuck to the glue. Instead, I saw a big, fat, dead mouse!!!! What???? A mouse in my house? And it was a plump little bugger. It couldn't have been in the house too long, because we haven't seen any evidence of a mouse. And I checked that trap just a few days ago and it only had spiders. Trust me, I would have noticed the mouse. For a moment I felt a little remorse for the mouse dying in such a way, but the second soon passed and the remorse was gone. I'm just grossed out that a mouse was in the house. Now I'm all paranoid that there are more lurking downstairs. Needless to say, Victor Spider Traps have moved up a few notches on my scale of wonderful things in the world. That has to be super strong glue on those traps! Amazing.

Catching Up

All day yesterday I was in Pullman. The preschool had a big rummage sale to raise funds for new stuff for the preschool. We made close to $1000 I think. I have my list of new stuff to enrich the classroom .. I can't wait to shop!
Anyway, the kids spent the day with Aaron and all went well as far as I know. It rained, so they didn't get to be outside too much, but I think they caught some outside time before the rain came.
Aaron and I were leading church this morning since our Pastor was gone at Synod Assembly. This made for some interesting moments in the pew when both Aaron and I were up front. A motorcycle speeding across the pew and into the isle... choice words loudly shared between my children... Isaac running up to ask me when offering was (this happened more than once). But all in all they did a great job. I really can't complain. We have great kids.
Our poor van just keeps having tire issues. A few weeks ago, while in Yakima, we had to have one fixed because some seal was not working. This last week we had to have work done and now our rear right tire is falt. We can see this very large, shiny nail head in the tire, so at least we know why it is flat. Aaron is going to put the spare on and I'll get it fixed tomorrow. He was going to try to get it changed before the rain hits, but he is snoring on the floor at the moment. He may end up a little on the wet side because I need that tire!